Sunday, March 6, 2011

We've Come A Long Way

Due to unexpected circumstances our anniversary didn't go as planned. I spent the day before and part of our anniversary in the hospital with one of our rambunctious boys, however that's a different story for another time. Oh and no worries he's made a full recovery and is doing just fine.

The bit of time we did have together Jed and I spent eating German chocolate cake we picked up at Publix, relaxing and reminiscing over the past 8 years.

First we talked about our honeymoon. Years later, our fondest memories tend to be the silly fights and mistakes we made! Our time in Australia was amazing however we we're joking around that we should have put it off until now because after being together longer we'd be able to enjoy it more instead of freaking out about the little stuff. Plus as parents we'd now appreciate a three week vacation on the beach SO MUCH MORE. Not that I necessarily want to be away from my kids that long... Maybe just a week? :)

We talked a bit about our wedding too. I admit that I lament that we didn't just elope. Its not that I didn't want to share the day with friends and family its just that my discomfort with being in front of a large group of people is not conducive with being a bride. I get queasy just thinking about it and I know that I never have to do it again!!

Then my culinary skills came up. I married an Italian man so I was doomed from the get go! :) Seriously though my cooking abilities were limited to what I could put in a microwave, on a George Foreman grill or order off a menu. My awesome husband never complained. Fortunately over the years I've learned to cook mostly via the web, thank you Pioneer Woman! My number one tip, now that I'm not completely lost in a kitchen, is ALWAYS use fresh garlic when possible. YUM! :)

We cannot believe that we are the parents of four beautiful little boys! Neither of us would have said we wanted this 8 years ago, we wanted an easy life with as few challenges as possible. However God has been gracious in showing us the foolishness of our thinking. When I said I was done, he patiently worked on my hard heart until I admitted that maybe I was open to another child and then I'd get pregnant again! Finally we get it, its not about us! Its about Him and the amazing kids he's given us to love and raise for His glory. We're more than happy now to sacrifice for this honor! Whatever God's plan is for our family we're open to it! (We're still waiting for Him to give us a little direction in this area, so please pray for us!)

Our relationship has drastically changed as well. Its quite similar to the change in our view on kids. Instead of our marriage being all about us being happy we realize that its about learning to serve and love one another to the glory of God. Watching my husband grow in this area through spending time in God's word has been such a challenge and encouragement to me. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who follows Jesus! I love you Jed!

Yay for 8 years of marriage! I wonder what is in store for us over the next 8 years?! I'm looking forward to finding out!

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