Thursday, June 29, 2006

Newborn Miracle

Yesterday was kind of a rough day for Seth, he was cranky and didnt eat well.  He would be sound asleep and wake up screaming, blood curdling screams.  I think he was having nightmares about the 4 shots he had at the doctors Monday.  Anyway at 11pm Seth and I were still struggling and finally I just put him to bed.  He didnt fuss at all, just passed out but I was sure I'd be up at 1am with him.  Imagine my surprise when I rolled over and looked at my clock and it was 7am and Seth was just starting to stir.  8 hours of sleep, I felt like crying I was so happy.  So thats my big news, oh and then theres Evan who is currently jamming his fingers to the back of his throat, gagging, then laughing and then doing it again.  He's such a goofball but I love him.   

Friday, June 23, 2006

I love having a pool!  Evan and I went swimming today while Seth was sleeping.  I put Evan in his little floaty and push him around the pool, its a pretty good work out.  He loves the water so much.  I cant wait until next summer when both boys can go swimming.  We have small group tonight, we're finally going to finish up our study.  Our meetings keep getting interupted or cancelled, I actually went into labor during one.   Well hopefully our next study goes better. 

Evan, a few months ago, lovin the pool.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I just have to say thank you to my sister, Tracy for babysitting the boys last night.  She came over after work so that Jed and I could go out.  We didnt know what to do with ourselves without kids but we were really excited.  After driving around aimlessly we ended up at a book store.  We sat for an hour drinking coffee and looking through books, it was so relaxing.  Unfortunately it wasnt quite so relaxing for Tracy.  Before we even got in the house I could hear Evan throwing a temper tantrum.  I guess while we were gone he took turns with his brother crying and whining, sorry Trace.  Usually they arent that bad but Evan's still getting back to normal after being sick and Seth is sometimes grumpy in the evenings.  So...  THANK YOU AUNT TRACY!!! 

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Flip Flops

Evan has a thing for flipflops.  He loves to stack, pile and line them up.  I find my flip flops in the oddest places, the book shelf, the coffee table and even the toilet (yuck, I threw them away).   He has blocks to play with but for whatever reason flip flops are his thing.  Here are a couple photos of Evan and his flip flops.

 He likes them to be nice and neat!
I think Seth is so adorable in footy pjs.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Super Seth

Sick Boy

Evan had a temperature of 102 today.  Hes usually awake by 7:30 am but this morning he didnt make a peep until 10 and once he was up, he was miserable.  He was very sensitive, everytime I would try to take his temperature (under his arm) he would start screaming and I'd have to hold him in my lap so he wouldnt run away.  Other than that he spent most of the day on the couch watching tv, I felt so bad for him that we had an all day wiggles marathon.  If I hear another wiggles song I think I'm going to throw up.  So anyway here are some pictures of happier times (yesterday). 

 Evan loves to snuggle with Seth but sometimes he gets carried away.  They're so cute!

Look at Gwen sneaking into this picture. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


This weekend Jed and I went to Babies R Us and came acrossed the Baby Sling.  We decided we should try it out and its great.  Seth falls asleep almost as soon as he gets in and stays asleep.   

Doesnt he look cute in there!  

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Peanut Butter

"THE PEANUT BUTTER HAS GONE BAD!  NOBODY EAT THE PEANUT BUTTER!"   Ok thats from one of my favorite movies, from high school, Cant Hardly Wait.  Only its beer not peanut butter in the movie, its a very funny scene.  So whenever I try something and its terrible its the first thing that pops in my head. :)  We bought some natural peanut butter to be a little healthier, avoid that nasty hydrogenated stuff.  Well I made a sandwich for lunch today and it was gross, Evan wouldnt even eat it.  Its bland, has a weird texture and is a lot of work.   I do not recommend it!  Ok thats my story for today :) 

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Friends Visit

This weekend was a lot of fun with Katie and Chaeli.  No hurricanes thankfully :)   I have to say it was nice to have someone to go to Flea World with, thanks you guys.
 We went to Downtown Disney with the boys on Friday.  Oh you two will be such cute moms :) 

That night they cooked dinner for us, it was really good.  Thanks you guys!
Saturday we spent the day at New Smyrna Beach.  Chaeli was trying to perfect her body surfing, it was a lot of fun.  OH and I freaked out at one point in the water because I couldnt touch, Chaeli is never going to let me live that one down.    Girls, next year Vegas, what do you say? :)

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Hurricane Season

So today is the first day of hurricane season. I cant believe how many hurricanes we've been through since we moved here a little over 2 years ago.  We are so thankful that we havent had any major damage from any of them.  We hope that this season is more peaceful.  
Here are some photos from last years season.

 After hurricane Wilma past we opened up the windows and Evan enjoyed the breeze. 

Jed took these while he was in Mississippi last October.  He said that the destruction and mess hurricane Katrina left behind was amazing.