Friday, May 30, 2014

10 Years

Last week we celebrated 10 years living in Florida!  It's hard to believe it's been that long!

We took the kids to a local restaurant for their first taste of gator!  

It was pretty good!  

The kids got to see their first airboat in action as it took a group of tourists out on the river.  

And then they put to use the "enormous" hill on the property.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Clothes Line

Our dryer began eating our clothes last week. 

Apparently there are a couple of parts broken in the dryer that cause this. 

Jed ordered new parts and will hopefully be able to get our dryer back up in running but for now our front balcony looks like this. Super classy. 

 Several of the boys clothes were ruined so we went shopping to replace them.  I bought Ford a couple of shirts and a pair of shorts and when I gave them to him he said, "These are for me?! I don't have to share them with my brothers?!"  The kid is a bit of a neat freak so you can imagine hand-me downs have been hard on him. :) 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Birthday Shopping Trip

I finally got all the kids signed up for the Toys R Us birthday club so every year they'll receive a $3 gift card. So after Ford got his in the mail, we of course had to spend our next date spending it!  

We looked at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Avengers and Batman, he had almost settled on a Hulk action figure when we found Stuart! Minions are all the rage around here.  

After he made his final selection we went and test drove the Power Wheels. 
They had a Mario Cart!  I had to explain to Ford that $3 wasn't close to sufficient to cover the cost.  

 And a TMNT dune buggy! 

I finally pulled him away to check out. 
 I asked him to show me his Minion and gift card, he did this. :)
He looked so big waiting to pay for his new toy and he did a great job checking out by himself!  

Friday, May 2, 2014

Chicken Humor

The boys called me out to the back deck, "Mom, the chicks did something amazing, come quick!" 

I walk out there and what do I find? This: 

And four boys laughing hysterically. 

Easter Clearance Candy

Watching her enjoy this sucker might have been worth paying full price! 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Easter Weekend

Our neighborhood has an annual Easter egg hunt so we thought we should check it out!  

It was awesome.  The kids each got a hat when we arrived, then they were sent off to search with maybe 20 other kids for the 2500 eggs that were scattered over 4+ acres!  
The boys disappeared and I didn't see them until the hunt was basically over, with their bags (we forgot baskets but happily had Aldi bags in the back of the van!) full! 

Isla was easier to keep track of and therefore most of my pictures are of her, even if she didn't want me to take them. :) 

She had no idea why she was picking up eggs but she enjoyed every minute of it!  

She was doing a great job too until.. 

She discovered this guy and got sidetracked.  Oh well.  

Once the hunt was over our boys reappeared.  We were getting ready to leave when we found out that on top of the goodies in the eggs there was a prize table that all the kids could pick from.  Our kids made out like bandits!  

Sunday morning we had our own little hunt.  
It wasn't quite as spectacular as the day before but we still had fun.  

We had Jay and the kids over (Jamie had to work) for lunch/dinner.  Unfortunately we discovered that one of our children had taken our roast and put it back in the freezer.  I tendency to forget to put meat away after grocery shopping and said child is usually a great help to me, as he always checks the fridge for meat I didn't get around to putting in the freezer, this time it backfired.  So I shot out to the grocery store and paid top dollar for hamburger meat and buns. Oh well, it was yummy.  

After our lupper, the guys got to work on demoing the downstairs. 

Here are the before pictures.

The apartment kitchen. 

The apartment bathroom. 

The apartment bedroom area.

The hallway to the apartment.

The office area that we turned into the toy room. 

The demo crew and their safety gear. 

The first walls come down.  More pictures to come!