Thursday, June 13, 2013


Last week I watched my nephew while my sister and her boyfriend went kayaking! 

We had so much fun and he's just the sweetest and most chill baby! 

The boys "taught" him how to play with Isla's toys. 

Gave him rides.

Snuggled him.

Kissed him. 

Soothed him. 

Carried him. 

Read to him.

And of course fed him!  

All in all they enjoyed having another little (or not so little) dude in the house. 

Isla and Oakley have a slightly different relationship. While Oakley is younger, he's now much larger so Isla isn't sure what to make of him.  
Um, you're huge. 

Yet so... immobile.  

This is awkward mom! 

I'm sure one day they'll be best buds!  

He easily bonded with Gwen though! "Mmmm, you smell like food, I must lick you!" And she did. 

Come back and visit us any time Oakley! 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Ducklings of Spring/Summer 2013

Regis, arrived in our neighborhood sometime last summer and due to his size the ducks stopped frequenting our pond and subsequently our backyard.  

 When Reg was removed the ducks slowly and cautiously reappeared.

A couple weeks later, this paraded through our yard! 
Mama and TEN ducklings! 

So cute! 

The boys love feeding them and are on constant duckling watch!  

On afternoon while the boys were napping I found mom and babies hanging out on our neighbors porch.  

They let me hand feed them! 


And now as long as we feed them, they let us do this! 

The boys are in heaven! 

Who needs to live on a farm when farm animals come to you?!! 

The Canal and New Lense

Tropical Storm Andrea brought a lot of rain, filling up our canal a little more.  

Evan and Seth found large palm fronds to race in our now flowing canal!  

This gave me the perfect opportunity to use the new wide angle lens Jed bought!  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Science Center

My mom gave the kids a generous gift card for Christmas this year so we used it to buy a membership to the Orlando Science Center!  

Our first visit was overwhelming.  There was so much to do and see, we went into the first room and the boys couldn't focus on what was in front of them because they felt compelled to run off and see the next!  It was hilarious.  

Eventually they calmed down and we were able to really enjoy some of the exhibits! 

Boat racing! 

Exploring tunnels! 


The boys watched a movie with Jed while Isla and I made friends.  

The next Amelia Earhart! 

She found a mirror, thought it was another baby and proceeded to give it kisses for 5 minutes! 

Then we were joined by the boys and we found a car to work on! 

We only made it to 2 floors!  I can't wait to go back and see the rest! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Catch up!

Wow, it's already been almost 2 weeks since the boys got out of school!  We've been keeping ourselves busy so time is flying!  

So I should probably back up to the end of school! 

The boys school put on a program! 

This was at rehearsal, we are more distracting than helpful at things like this. :) 

I heard the program was great!  I missed most of it because Isla was her usual screeching self.  I did see the part of the play that Evan was in and when Seth's class sang!  They did a fantastic job and were so cute! 

My view for the rest of it. :) 

A friend joined us for a little while.  Isla was smitten! 

The next morning, which was the last day of school, Isla woke up with a fever and a nasty diaper rash that seemed to appear over night.  I called and made an appointment with her pediatrician. 
After dropping the boys at school, we hightailed it across town to find out that Isla had Strep!

 Poor girl handled it so well! 

 After picking up her prescription, I ran back home, dropped off the kids with Joy and went to the school for big end of the year cleaning.  


We made it through another year!  
So proud of my boys!