Monday, March 28, 2011

We Do NOT Put Chicken in Our Pockets

Yesterday lunch was a bit chaotic. We had a bag of chicken nuggets from the grocery store deli that we sat on the counter for the boys to pick at. Ford had just gone down for a nap so I was trying to get things done while I was baby free. I wasn't paying close attention to what the older three were doing.

A while later they were hanging out around me discussing things amongst themselves and as I cant multi-task I tried to tune them out. I still picked up bits and pieces of their conversation and I gathered that they were comparing who had the most chicken. I assumed they meant who had eaten the most chicken earlier, ya know, at the counter. As these discussions almost always go they began to argue and I was dragged into it.

Evan:"Mom, who do you think has the most chicken, me or Seth?"

Me:"Evan, I didnt see how much you had."


Me: "What?"

Thats when they start pulling nuggets from their pockets. (Kane didn't have pockets so he was just standing there with as many pieces of chicken in his hands as he could hold, while chewing on the big bite he had just taken.)

Seth:"My pocket is bigger than yours Evan and look mom, its bery full!"

Me:"Oh my... Boys, we do not put chicken in our pockets, ever. In fact lets not ever put any kind of food in our pockets from now on."

Seth:"But mom, we want to save it for when we're playing and get hungry."

Me: "You can save it on the counter or in the fridge sweetie, do you see me or daddy saving food in our pockets?"

Evan: "What about gum and candy?"

Me:"Its in a wrapper."

Evan and Seth: "Oh, ok."

I'm glad we cleared that up.

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