Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Isla Milestones

I have been terrible at keeping up on Isla's milestones on my blog.  So I thought it was time to mention a couple.  

Over the last couple weeks I noticed that she has been watching us eat and getting frustrated.  Its one of the signs that babies are ready for food.  She isn't sitting up on her own yet though, another one of the signs.  The sitting thing though, seems not to interest her, she'd rather stand than sit so when I put her in the sitting position she arches her back and tries to force herself into a stand.  

All that to say that after putting it off for as long as I could, I bought her some rice cereal and she's now eating a "solid meal" about once a day.  

I was kind of hoping she'd refuse solid food like her big brother Ford until she was at least 7 or 8 months old. Oh well, maybe she wont be as picky as he is either, maybe she'll love food like the older 3 boys.  

She's also mobile!  Well, sort of anyway.  This past weekend Jed and I caught her doing the inch worm!  She gets herself up on her hands and knees and pushes herself down and forward (and unintentionally to the left).  It takes forever for her to even move far enough to notice but its a start!

 And just this week I got out her 3-6 month clothing, despite the fact that she's still fits nicely in her 0-3 month stuff.   I mean the girl will be 6 months old in a couple weeks, it's time.

3-6 month outfit above picture.
0-3 months in the pictures below.  I just had to share these of her and Seth.  Seth regularly asks me to take pictures of the two of them together.  He likes to see if he can get her to smile.
"I love you Isla."

 Not the reaction he was hoping for.

 There we go!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Naughty Brain

Me: Kane why did you throw your couscous all over floor?

Kane: Um... uh... my brain just wanted to play with my food, not eat it. (wagging his finger at his head) That was a bad choice brain. 

Me: (trying so hard not to laugh)

Kane: (noticing my reaction, with hope in his voice) You're not mad?!

Me: Kane, clean it up.

Kane: (disappointment) So it was a bad choice. (little smirk) But it was funny!

Me: Clean child, clean.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's Up?

So it's been a week and it looks like we've finally shaken what I'm calling, The Great Illness of 2012.  All four boys had 3 rounds of vomiting and diarrhea. Jed and I had irritating head colds, poor Jed had to fly with his which caused his eardrum to burst on his way to Minnesota.  Isla had her bout with a fever and diarrhea after her vaccinations, that resulted in 24 hours of screaming baby while my husband was out of town.  And poor, poor, sweet, Fordy, not only what the others had but also a 5 day fever with mild diarrhea that seemed to correlate with cutting a molar.  He was miserable, moping around for days, not sleeping at night and refusing to eat.  

Well, I think we're all finally back on the road to good health and Ford is finally eating again, he even choked down a carrot!  I'm cautiously optimistic but with five kids anything is possible.  

Jed came home from his third work trip to Minnesota since August yesterday.  It may or may not be his last one.  If the client, or any client for that matter, request to fly him out for a face to face meeting he has to go so we have no idea if he will or will not be traveling more in the future.  Fun times!  

I took maternity pictures for my sister.  It's blowing my mind that she's due in less than 5 weeks!! 

Ford has officially upgraded to a big boy bed!  It was kind of ridiculous since for the last month or so he could get in and out of his pack and play on his own.  During the week the boys sleep in their own respective beds but on the weekends, per their request, they all sleep together in one room, sharing two beds.  I love that they love to be together!  

Tomorrow the boys don't have school because it's a hurricane make up day! Yay for sleeping in!

 Soaking up time with daddy!

My beautiful sister and nephew! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

Jed's parents came for a visit.  We took them to our favorite pancake place in a state park where we took these pictures. 

Ford and Evan enjoying the springs. 

Seth, Ford and Kane chilling in a Live Oak.  The branches were so long and windy, how do they not break?! 

Then we went to the Christmas tree farm, which was celebrating Halloween!  

Ford's first pony ride!  He loved it!

 Evan held his first baby goat! 
 Joe and the kids. 

 This was right after Jon got a big wet kiss.  
On to the boys' favorite, the bounce pillow!  

Well, I guess not all the boys' favorite. 

  Big cousins make it all better though!  

Then it started raining and we had to run for to the Suburban.  

Oddly enough I didn't get a single picture of Jed's parents.  
I guess they'll just have to come for another visit! 

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Evan and Seth were never really into puzzles, in fact most of the time if I wasn't meticulously supervising them they'd destroy puzzles, "Mom look at the shapes I can make when I bend the pieces!" 

So due to past experience I haven't gotten out puzzles very often for the little boys. 

However when they found a puzzle in our game chest I let them get it out and give it a try.  
I didn't expect much from my 2 and 4 year old.  

So imagine my surprise when they not only kept the puzzle in good condition but also finished it in less than a few minutes!  

Way to go! 

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