Thursday, February 13, 2014


Yesterday I cooked Cornish hens for the first time since Evan was a baby.  They thawed in the fridge in their plastic wrap and then I took them out and unwrapped them, setting them on the counter in a glass pan.  

As I washed them Evan and Seth wandered into the kitchen.  They asked for a snack and then inquired what I was doing, I told them I was making dinner.  I don't know which one counted the birds but the total was quickly shouted, "Those are four chickens!"  I agreed with the assessment.  


Seth: "You murdered our chickens?!  You can't make me eat them! Peep, wahh!"

I didn't exactly rush to prove them wrong.  I let them wallow in their accusations and assumptions for a bit. Finally tiring of the noise, I said, "Weren't you just outside?  Didn't you see your chicks out there?" 

Evan: "Seth, lets go check and see if they're alive!"

Seth: (Already racing for the door.)

I began putting the rub on the hens.  The boys return in better spirits.  

Evan: "Phew, mom, they're out there." 

Seth: "You scared us to death....  (Smiles devilishly) HEY, KANE!  MOM IS COOKING OUR CHICKENS FOR DINNER TONIGHT!" 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Our Road

It rained here for almost 2 weeks straight, finally letting up this past weekend.  

Now I'm not complaining because most of my family still lives in Michigan where its been below freezing consistently for weeks and the snow drifts are taller than I am but I did want to document some issues we've had.  

On the first rainy day I ventured out grocery shopping, when I left I drove down our road without a problem, 4 hours later, it was a completely different story!  The sand had turned to mush allowing the van to slip all over the place, at one point the steering wheel was ripped out of my hand and I was uncontrollably turning!  

It's been so long since I've driven on ice but many wintery memories came flooding back! 

This was taken after Jed had grated.

The next day Jed called me from work and told me that I shouldn't try to leave the house with the van, the road was too mucky and the puddles were too big.  And the van sat in the drive way for many days after that!  

Jed took his tractor out to grate the section of road out in front of our house, and to dig trenches for the puddles to drain off the road.  It helped a lot but that only got us 100 feet down the road. Our neighborhood has hired someone to grate the roads every week but they only come out on weekdays and only once or twice a week.  

Just before we moved here there was an HOA vote on whether to pave the roads, before the last two weeks we would have voted against it but now we're fully on board the paving bandwagon!  I can't even imagine how bad it would be during a hurricane!