Friday, March 11, 2011

World Events

This morning I was watching the news or as the boys call it, "boring big people tv". The older two quickly picked up on words like, "fire", "destruction" and "death toll". Before I knew it they were glued to the tv watching the videos coming out of Japan.

They began asking questions about the situation. As I tried to explain what was going on with the earthquake, the news changed to events in Libya. Prompting more questions for me to field including this one, "Mom, the guys fighting in Libya, are they so strong that they're making the ground shake?" The mind of a little boy is fascinating! So we turned off the tv and did a little geography and science lesson.

First we looked at diagrams of the earth (thank you google), we talked about the earth being round and having layers. Then we talked about earthquakes and tsunamis. After that we looked at a map of the earth and I showed them where Japan was in relationship to where Florida, then we found Hawaii, Papua New Guinea, the US west coast and finally over to Libya.

Once we found Libya I explained to them a little about what was going on over there. Sethy proudly proclaimed, "If I were there I would beat up the bad guys for the people in Libya in one day!" Then he got off the couch and did some crazy kicking and punching ninja moves. My kids wouldn't make it in public school....

So that pretty much ended our little lesson time but I was pleasantly surprised when Evan said, "Lets watch the news!" He even sat through the Presidents address this afternoon while his brothers napped.

We've also been spending time praying for Aunt Cici, Uncle Ben, Judah, Gigi, Tiernan and Silas in PNG. They're on the northern coast which could have been effected by the tsunami. Their last update can be found here. I dont expect to hear anything else from them until tonight as our days are their nights so currently they're sleeping.

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