Friday, March 30, 2012

10 Years Ago

On my twentieth birthday a certain boy called me to wish me a happy birthday. 

Here are 7 reasons this is worth blogging about;

1. I had had a crush on said boy for months.

2. We had just started "talking" at school a couple weeks earlier.

3. It was spring break and he was on a guys camping trip in South Dakota, in the pre-everyone has a cell phone era, where he had to purchase a calling card, find a phone and discreetly slip away from his friends to avoid being mocked. 

4. Five days later he was home from his trip and we went on our first date.

5.  We became inseparable and were crazy about each other. 

6. Less than a year after that phone call we got married!  I know, I know, I lived it and its hard for me to wrap my head around how fast we did this but hey, 10 years later and not only are we still together we love each other more than ever!

7. Although this memory is a very good one, it reminds me of my 20 year old self and how thankful I am to have put some distance and hopefully maturity between her and me.  And this, my friends, may well be the only comfort I have as I grapple with turning the big 3-0 today!

Now I'm going to go curl up in bed with a couple boxes of Cadbury creme eggs, let my children watch as many hours of Netflix as they want and try to forget this day has arrived.

I'm kidding, I think.   

Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Ride

Yesterday I took Seth out on a date for frozen yogurt.  On our way home we passed a garage sale and both happen to notice a bike that looked about his size.  He's been begging for a bike for his birthday so he of course wanted to stop.  Thankfully we did, the bike was in decent condition and they only wanted $1.50 for it!  It doesn't have training wheels but apparently he doesn't need them because as of this morning he was zipping up and down the sidewalk!  

His new ride! 

 The crew! 

 A little push start from dad and...

 he's off!

 Quite the riding face, isn't it?! You'd never know he's loving it! 

 Ford is enjoying his hand-me-down bike! 

This is the bike Evan got for his birthday, Jed found it in a neighbor's trash pile.  He painted it, replaced the chain and filled the tires with air.  

Our boys are living out the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."   

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


My sister, Becky, and my niece are visiting us for a couple days. Since they live in a landlocked state, we of course had to take them to the beach, which is just fine with us!  

My poor sister wanted to get as much sun as possible and didn't apply quite as much sun screen as necessary.  I haven't seen a burn this bad in a long time!  So thankful for aloe vera with lidocaine!

Other than that we're having a great time together! 

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Monday, March 12, 2012

A Tree

Jed: "The campground had one of Florida's oldest Live Oaks, it was huge."  

Me: "Did it have a fence around it?" 

Jed: "No."

Me: "The city of Fruitland Park must not have too many meth heads that'll light their trees on fire so they can see their drugs." 

Jed: "Apparently not." 

I might stilll be a little bit bitter about The Senator being torched.  Sad day for central Florida.  At least we can still visit this monster when we go camping!  

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Camping Update

Jed's been texting me pictures of their trip.  They're having a blast with the highlight being that daddy bought them fishing pole!  Our kids don't latch onto things very often but apparently that's because they hadn't been fishing yet.  They haven't caught a thing but they're content to cast and reel for hours!

Ford and I have been having fun too.  I think he must be going through a growth spurt because on Friday he fell asleep in our bathroom at 10:30am and slept until 2pm.  Later he took another short nap on our way to the store.   Today he almost fell asleep when I was changing his diaper at 9:30am, he took a long morning nap and a short afternoon nap today. 

On top of the wonky sleep schedule, my usually reserved and quiet son has been cracking me up with silly antics and chatting up a storm.  It was awesome to hear him use at least 5 new words today!  

I'm loving this one on one time with him but am also missing my other four boys! 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Fun

This is what Kane and Seth did last Friday.  

It was Kane's first time playing with shaving cream, he loved it.

Seth had fun too!   

When they were done playing with cars they covered every inch of their bodies in cream, well other than the bottom of their feet at my request, before hopping in the bath. They laughed and laughed as they watched it dissolve into the water. 

This Friday were getting them packed to go camping.  Jed is taking Evan, Seth and Kane for their first ever boys weekend!!  I'm so excited for them!

 I see a yearly tradition forming here that has the 5 boys heading off into the woods for a weekend, while Isla and I go shopping or chill at the beach!  

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Another update on our ducks as told in a conversation by Jed and myself.  

Me: "Jed, momma duck #1 abandoned her ducklings earlier this week.  They've joined momma duck #2 and her 3 babies."  

Jed: "She probably saw her opportunity and is getting her party on over at the adults only pond. The other duck shouldn't have been such a push over."  

Me: (rolls eyes) "No seriously, you know that my favorite duckling was one of  #1's and now she's had to join #2's group and they all pick on her.  It's so sad."  

Jed: "It'll toughen her up."

Me: (rolls eyes again and walks away)

Momma duck #2 has since abandoned the ducklings as well.  I guess that's just how it is because the babies don't seem to mind and are doing quite well for themselves.  Not to mention that, in an unfortunate turn of events I happen to witness daddy duck, having his way with mommy duck.  Disturbing.  Jed had another good laugh, at my expense, and some "fun" quotes that I wont share here after I told him about it.  

I will say that ducks have it made in the parenting department, they pop out some eggs, their babies are born with the ability to feed themselves, and with in 2 months or so, they're quite literally empty nesters.  I might be a little jealous.  

Reuniting with momma for a meal. 

The original ducklings are in front here, with my favorite one on the left.  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


He's getting so big! 

 But he's still our little finger sucker!  I love when he uses his thumb to pinch his cheek!  

Who also loves to chug his juice and by juice I mean juice since unlike his older brothers I have not been able to convince him that water is yummy.  He's a little picky and I might spoil him a bit. 

 He recently started saying "cheese" when I pull out my camera, which actually sounds more like "thisss".  A linguist I'm afraid he will not be. 

He has also developed a penchant for sticking out his tongue.   

 He seemed especially interested in messing with the split on his lip, the one he gave himself while playing outside.   Oy boys are rough on themselves!   

Good thing they're cute!  

I can't believe my baby boy is going to be 2 in less than 2 months!!  I need a pause button for this kid!  

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back in the Day

My sister uploaded some childhood pictures onto facebook.  I, of course, had to show the boys!

As we looked through them we talked about who was who and whatnot but they struggle with the idea of Jed and I ever being young.  Evan and Seth are finally beginning to understand the concept that time didn't begin at their births. 

  Kane, however, is still a non-believer, evidenced by a conversation we had about marriage where he looked at me and said, "You're married?!  And daddy's married?!  How did you do that?!" (Meaning when/how did we have a wedding without him)  I replied, "We married each other before you were born."  He looked at me like what I had just said was ludicrous and then because he couldn't process it, changed the subject.  

So back to the pictures, we were looking at the black and white pictures of my parents,

Evan: "Mom, you're going too fast through the pictures they're all messed up." 

Me: "Nope that's just how they are."

Evan: "Oh yeah, because back when your mom and dad were kids everything was black and white and blurry." 

Me: "Um, actually, everything was in color and clear like it is today but back then cameras didn't work as well as they do today and pictures turned out this way." 

Evan: (Looks at me skeptically and changes the subject because that's how my kids handle the tough subjects.)  

 The picture we were discussing.  My dad in 1958, he was16 here.  

Baby Pete!  Not sure how old he is in this one.  

 My dad rockin the stache.  This is how I remember him from my childhood.  He's holding Tracy.  

 My mom. Seth makes the same face when he cries.  

Now onto the gems of Tracy and me.
We look like we like each other, deceptive! 

I thought I was pretty cool when I was a preschooler!  I like how Tracy is (somewhat) securely fastened in a  car seat in the moving vehicle and do I even have a seat belt?!  Clearly you can tell who my parents favored! I kid, I kid. 

Ok, this is reality right here.  I'm forcing Tracy to pose with me, she's probably just about to burst out screaming, then I probably pushed her down and maybe even punched her.  Sisterly love, its a beautiful and complicated thing I tell ya!