Sunday, December 19, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Red Light. Green Light.

I found more photos from this past year that I never got around to sharing. Enjoy (mom).
Is a favorite game around here especially when daddy adds a different light. Check out purple light....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa's (less than willing) Little Helpers

Someone didnt want to put on the hat for a picture. The shirts though, those were all his idea.

He sure is cute though!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Zippity Do Da

Jed and I went on a date yesterday and we went to the... wait for it... zoo. Hahaha! The zoo has a zip line course thats new-ish so when Jed lined up a babysitter I suggested we try it out.

Harnessed up!

Hooking up to the safety line.

Once were we going through our first obstacle on the course I was wondering why I recommended this activity.

The woman who's terrified of heights is walking across logs strung 20 feet up in the air that sway with every move she makes. Sweet.

I would have given up but once I got to the next platform the only way to get down was to go back and there was no way I was walking across the logs again. NO WAY!

So we pressed on. Oh and Jed was having a ball, except the part where he had to wait for slow poke (a.k.a. me).

Then we came to this. Yeah, I almost cried. My wonderful husband though, coached and encouraged me across. He's the best!

Finally we came to the first zip line which I dont have any pictures of. Jed did take video but I will not be sharing it for 2 reasons. 1. Despite multiple attempts to tuck my shirt into the harness to keep it from riding up it still went up, waaaayyy up and I'm not about to share that online. 2. (as if reason # 1 isnt reason enough) My behavior "pre-zipping" is completely erratic and embarrassing.

I can tell you that I did it! Yay! However afterwards I partly blacked out, as in things were going dark. Boo! That is until, Jed and the instructor on the ground both reminded me to keep breathing so I did. Problem solved. Yay!

I got off to a rocky start but the first zip line seemed to be the beginning of me getting over my fears and actually enjoying myself! Four more zip lines and multiple obstacles later, I still hadn't passed out and we were considering taking on the second course which is even higher and described as "more difficult". Sadly sunlight was fading.

Next time.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Potty Training Gone Wrong

I was looking through pictures from this year when I came across these from the summer.

Reading Tozer, he's sophisticated like that.

Done with that one, what's next, some Lewis? Piper? Maybe even Ramsey's latest on fiances?


Anyway, I had forgotten about my overly ambitious attempt to potty train Kane, a month after Ford was born. What was I thinking?!

I gave potty training another shot recently and it didnt go well. Kane understands potty training but he just doesnt care about being successful at it yet. Add to that my limitations in helping him when I'm feeding Ford, having to shuttle everyone too and from school so he has to be in a diaper during that time and the fact that he's still a little to short to get on the potty by himself and we're throwing in the towel on this one for now!

Ok, well, I'm off to change another poopy diaper.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ford's Thoughts on Food

"Really its time to eat?! Yay I cant wait! Why am I up here though?"

"Wait, you want me to eat what?! That aint happenin."

"Well, it doesnt look very appetizing...."

"Hey, dont get so pushy lady!"

"Ugh the taste, the texture!"

I'll just pretend to happily choke it down, I mean eat it and when she looks away... I need Kane to create a diversion.

"Yeah, I know its amazing I ate it all so fast!"

"You might have found it but you still cant make me eat it."

Sunday, December 5, 2010

In the Same Week

Ford is sitting up on his own and started army crawling or maybe a better description would be inch worming his way around. I cant believe my baby is mobile at least he's still really slow! :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010


Super Sun Man

Captain Diaper Baby!

Together they're an unstopable mess making, hilarious, sometimes destructive, yet wanting to be helpful team.


He can run faster than any other 2 year old with only one sock on.

Super Sun Man can kick the air with surprisingly little height and..

has the raddest dance moves.

This duo has been driving their mother crazy since 2008.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Moby

Jessie bought a Moby Wrap after Grey was born which is awesome because I really wanted one but I didn't want to buy it before I tried it. So Ford and I took it for a test drive.

He was stunned at first.
Apparently so was I.

Then unimpressed.

Oh, hold on, maybe its not so bad. Kind of cozy even.

As for my opinion, I'm torn. The ease of use is lacking however I didn't get to practice putting it on much. I've heard once you get the hang of it, it gets better.

My back however loved this thing! Usually even with the nicest carrier or sling my shoulders begin aching after a while but I was able to walk all over town with Ford in the Moby and felt nothing in my shoulders. My lower back bore all the weight which was much better! I was a bit sore but since my first pregnancy that happens whenever I walk/stand for long periods of time. I couldn't tell if the Moby exasperated it or not which is actually a good sign!

Finally, Joy's thoughts on the matter.

She's sold.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our 7 Month Old

Evan: "Mom, can we nickname Ford 'The Snug'?"
Me: "Why?"
Evan: "Because he's sooooo snuggly and cute!"
Me: "Sounds good to me!"
He's finally sitting up on his own however he still refuses to eat food. Based on that second chin I'm thinking milk is doing him just fine for now but we're working on it.

Like Evan said, he's a snuggly little guy. He loves to be held and he loves to sleep. He sleeps more than any of the other boys ever did at this age but I'm certainly not complaining!

We adore this content, sweet little boy! I just cannot imagine life without him.
Thank you, Aunt Jessie for the personalized onsie!

Happy Birthday Blake!

While in North Carolina we got to celebrate our nephew's third birthday! We've been to a number of the older cousin's birthday parties but I dont think the boys have ever been to one of their younger cousins birthday's! It was Spiderman themed to boot!

Probably the best part for Jed and I, though, was the time spent in Target a few weeks ago trying out all the toys to find a toy with all the following criteria:


-Lots o' buttons

-Relentlessly loud

-No off switch

-Really hard to get the batteries out

-Did I mention the loudest toy possible?

We got a lot of weird looks as we played with toys and laughed hysterically but it was worth it.
Your Welcome, Jessie and Nate.

The Birthday Boy!


Really getting into it.

Mmmm, cupcakes

Really getting into those cupcakes.

Taking a moment for presents!

Pinata time!

Evan and Spiderman have a love/hate relationship, the latter comes out when Spiderman is hording candy in his... chest?.... bust?... hmm... I dont know how exactly to end that sentence.

Really getting into Pinata time.

Yo, Jon, you know this is a 3 year old's party, right?

Just kidding with ya, Jonny, please dont come after me with that bat.

Candy exits Spiderman's innards= Mission accomplished!

Sad, Spiderman.

Sweet Sofe, the odd girl out.

Its ok, she's got gum.

"Aunt Laine, I know it looks like candy but when I chew it, its gum. No, really its gum, not candy, watch. "

While I watched Sofie chew, the boys drove off in the John Deere with their loot.

Thanks for turning 3 Blake!
Love, Uncle Jed, Aunt Laine, Evan, Seth, Kane & Ford