Sunday, March 13, 2011


Ford bit me and its not the first time its happened either! In fact its pretty common these days. It always happens when he's finishing his meal so I started breaking his latch a little early. However today I was feeding him and talking to Jed, therefore not paying attention and Ford bit me. I yelped and pulled him away, drawing the attention of my older boys. Here's the conversation that followed,

Seth: "Mom, I know why Ford bites you."

Me: "Oh really why is that?"

Seth: "Because he's not hungry anymore."

Me: "Maybe."

Evan: "No Seth its because he doesn't want to eat mommy's milk anymore he wants to eat her meat!"

Jed: "Bahahahahaha!"


Jenn said...

This totally cracked me up today. I wish I could just be a fly on your wall every once in a while--never a dull moment!

Laine said...

Hi Jenn! Oh man, you dont have to be a fly come on over and watch the chaos ensue! :) Little boys are a lot of fun huh?!

Jenn said...

Yeah, if we ever make it down to Florida someday, I'd love to bask in the chaos (and catch up with you!!). And yes, little boys are fun! Your blog makes me excited for the years ahead:)