Wednesday, March 23, 2011


On Monday night Becky and London arrived! This was my first time meeting London and Becky's first time meeting Ford. So exciting! They're only here for a few days before they have to get back home so when I woke up on Tuesday feeling kind of icky I was disappointed. My stomach was a little weird and I was a bit tired but I felt I could push through. I did however decide to reign in our plans of going to the beach to making a trip to Target (my sister doesnt live near a Target so... yeah not even close to making up for it) and making a delicious dinner. We got home from Target and I was really tired/weak and then my stomach continued to get progressively angrier at me. I could not believe I was going to spend the entire afternoon/night on the couch! Ugh! Jed ended up bring home dinner, Becky was super aunt and hung out with the boys while I curled up on the couch miserable and exhausted. And just when I thought things couldnt get any worse, Seth threw up.

I felt much better this morning although very drained. Seth was sick all morning, puking a few more times however now seems to be on the mend. Tracy picked up Becky, London and Evan for a trip to the park while Kane and Seth napped.

Now I'm just hoping that we all stay healthy and can do something tomorrow! I also hope I can get some more photos in tonight and tomorrow of my lovely niece and sister!

She is a doll!


Hmmm, someone is an only child! :)

Thats better.

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