Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our 7 Month Old

Evan: "Mom, can we nickname Ford 'The Snug'?"
Me: "Why?"
Evan: "Because he's sooooo snuggly and cute!"
Me: "Sounds good to me!"
He's finally sitting up on his own however he still refuses to eat food. Based on that second chin I'm thinking milk is doing him just fine for now but we're working on it.

Like Evan said, he's a snuggly little guy. He loves to be held and he loves to sleep. He sleeps more than any of the other boys ever did at this age but I'm certainly not complaining!

We adore this content, sweet little boy! I just cannot imagine life without him.
Thank you, Aunt Jessie for the personalized onsie!

Happy Birthday Blake!

While in North Carolina we got to celebrate our nephew's third birthday! We've been to a number of the older cousin's birthday parties but I dont think the boys have ever been to one of their younger cousins birthday's! It was Spiderman themed to boot!

Probably the best part for Jed and I, though, was the time spent in Target a few weeks ago trying out all the toys to find a toy with all the following criteria:


-Lots o' buttons

-Relentlessly loud

-No off switch

-Really hard to get the batteries out

-Did I mention the loudest toy possible?

We got a lot of weird looks as we played with toys and laughed hysterically but it was worth it.
Your Welcome, Jessie and Nate.

The Birthday Boy!


Really getting into it.

Mmmm, cupcakes

Really getting into those cupcakes.

Taking a moment for presents!

Pinata time!

Evan and Spiderman have a love/hate relationship, the latter comes out when Spiderman is hording candy in his... chest?.... bust?... hmm... I dont know how exactly to end that sentence.

Really getting into Pinata time.

Yo, Jon, you know this is a 3 year old's party, right?

Just kidding with ya, Jonny, please dont come after me with that bat.

Candy exits Spiderman's innards= Mission accomplished!

Sad, Spiderman.

Sweet Sofe, the odd girl out.

Its ok, she's got gum.

"Aunt Laine, I know it looks like candy but when I chew it, its gum. No, really its gum, not candy, watch. "

While I watched Sofie chew, the boys drove off in the John Deere with their loot.

Thanks for turning 3 Blake!
Love, Uncle Jed, Aunt Laine, Evan, Seth, Kane & Ford

Monday, November 29, 2010

Silly and Cute in NC

Kane's new hair!

Ford meeting Grey.

Ford givin the bumbo a go.

Coloring Turkeys!

Kane watching the big kids play outside.

The boys in the John Deere, otherwise known to them as heaven!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


For the first time in our boys lives they got to enjoy playing in fall leaves. We went to North Carolina for Thankgiving weekend to visit family. We stayed at a campground close to my SIL's house. It was cold but fun!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black Eye

Kane decided to put his pastic toy chair on the futon, sit on it and then wiggle. Needless to say the chair tipped over and his face, specifically his left eye, landed on one of the futon's wooden posts. We watched him closely that night for a bit but he was acting normal and his eye was only a little red and slightly puffy so we put him to bed. The next morning I was greeted by this:

Thats as wide as he could open his eye!

Day two!

Today is day 5. Its uglier today but I forgot to take a picture. I forget a lot of things. I miss my memory... but this isnt about me. Anyway...
At least, it doesnt seem to be bothering him too much.

Sethy's Thanksgiving Performance


There's Swimming Bear!

Seth and two of his favorite people!

Celebrating afterwards.
Being sneaky.

It wasnt worth it.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shamu's Happy Harbour

We made another trip to Sea World on our annual passes! We spent most of our time in the kiddie area with rides that all the boys except Ford of course can go on when accompanied by an adult. Jed and I took turns riding with the boys.

We finished off the day with the Killer Whale show. We left just before the show ended to beat the crowds out of the park. The boys were pretty wiped out at that point so to give them incentive to make their way across the park quickly I told them if they didnt whine we'd give them a piece of candy when we got home. Well, that really inspired them and they took off running. Seth tripped and fell twice and the second fall was the last straw he sat one the ground crying and lamenting, "Why... do... I... always.... FFFAAALLLL? Wwwwhhhyyyy?" As I collected my sons ragdoll body from the ground (he decided to go limp for extra dramatic effect) I tried to comfort him while holding back my giggling and pushing Ford in his stroller. It was awesome.

Some entertainment.

Evan was the only one tall enough to go on the Shamu coaster so Jed and I both took a turn riding it with him. Jed is really looking forward to the boys being big enough to go on real roller coasters with him and I'm just hoping one of them will want to continue going on the little rides with me. :)

This was one of the first rides the boys went on. Kane begged to go so Jed took him.

Surprise, it goes a lot higher and drops a lot faster than expected.

Kane was not pleased.
He got over it though and went on a few more rides that were less scary.

Ford and me waiting for the Shamu show.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby Dedication

Since Kane was sick last year we had two to dedicate this past Sunday. Oddly enough Ford was just at the tail end of getting over a bug. We went to the dedication and then left church since we didnt want to put him in childcare and get others sick.
I am not comfortable standing in front of crowds in fact my brain tends to shut down in these situations so, sadly, I have no memory of what was going on.
Whats so funny?
I have no idea.
Basically all I remember is the flash from the camera going off a few times....
Oh and snuggling with my sick little guy.

Both boys got their first bibles! Afterwards I was looking at Kanes and found that he must have tried to gnaw the packaging off of his during the dedication. At least he's excited about his new bible right?!