Monday, June 20, 2011

Most Days I Want More Kids...

But today isn't one of them.

Today is one of those days where I dream about being in my 50s, ya know cause they'd all be in their 20s and I wouldn't be responsible for them anymore!

Today I get butterflies in my stomach (the good kind) thinking about being an empty nester!

Today I don't even have it in me to imagine being a grandma.

Nope today, I don't want my children to procreate because they'd probably ask me to babysit at some point and right now I'd rather poke my eyes out.

For some reason today no matter what we do my children are not content. The toys aren't fun enough, the coloring isn't challenging enough, the tv shows aren't entertaining enough and the food isn't tasty or filling enough. Even letting them play in the new sprinkler toy we bought this weekend isn't keeping them occupied, every 5 seconds the back door opens and they're nagging for something else.

The bickering between them wont stop either. They are fighting over the "borin'" toys. To which I ask the obvious question, "If it's so boring then why are you fighting with your brother over it?!"

I get blank stares in response.

Today I think my children might be demon possessed.

I'm guessing tomorrow they wont be, cause just as quickly as these horrible days come, they go.

Here's hoping tomorrow is better, or easier, or if nothing else at least different.


I had a little photo shoot with Joy, Joseph and Jon the other day. It was very casual. We didn't even have a set time I just told them to call me when they wanted to meet to take pictures. And when they called I happened to be at Target with Jed and the boys so we finished up our shopping and met them at Chipotle. While Jed ordered our food and Joy changed in the bathroom, I hung out with these boys and took some quick pics.

Jed got our food to go and took it and the boys home (I told him I'd eat later). I went with Joy to our first location which unfortunately also was the location for a wedding. Joy thought of a different place to try that worked out well but as we headed over there a storm rolled in. I got a couple pictures in before the rain started coming down but not as many as I would have liked. We tried to wait out the storm but Joe had to work at 7pm and it was already 6:30.

I think we got just enough shots for the Father's day gift they were trying to put together for Jay.

Maybe, next time we shouldn't procrastinate so long, *ahem* Joseph *ahem*. :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mining For...

This was by far the boys favorite part of our vacation, a close second and third were the foosball and hockey table at our cabin!

Since being home they've cleaned their rocks at least once a day everyday and make believe about being back at the "mine".

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

North Carolina

My computer crashed once we got to our cabin in the mountains. We had to buy a new one. We were able to recover all our pictures and Jed put them on my new computer yesterday. However Jed hasn't had time to get to my photo editing software so I spent today trying to learn how to use To say that its cumbersome is an understatement! However I love the collage feature! So here are a couple I created today.

I've wanted to vacation in the mountains since Seth was a newborn and it finally worked out for us this year! We found an awesome cabin in Waynesville, a cute little town near the Smoky Mountain's national forest and the Blue Ridge Parkway. The weather was glorious and the views were stunning!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Pink Polka Dot Bikini

Typical boy!

My transformer kite finally made its debut!

And the boys had a blast.

Kane loved having Ford to play with!

Even if he cant quite keep up yet.

He eventually made it to the water though and what this kid lacks in the ability to walk he makes up in fearlessness!