Thursday, March 17, 2011

Best Buds

Pics from last week:

Unfortunately, Evan woke up sick again this morning.

He almost went to school as he insisted he felt fine however using my super mom powers I sensed he wasn't being completely truthful. Ok, well really I just noticed that he was white as a ghost with dark circles around his eyes, lethargic and hadn't touched his breakfast, not so super I guess?!

So after going back and forth with him for 40 minutes about it I finally compelled him to be honest by pointing out that if he was actually sick and went to school he might get his teacher and classmates sick too. He broke immediately admitting to an upset tummy and sore throat. Poor boy was so sad to stay home but I'm so proud of him for choosing to put other before himself! Obviously though we still have some work to do on the whole honesty thing... :)

Now he's chillin on the couch watching Shrek. Kane has fully recovered it appears as he is currently doing a weird gallop past me into the kitchen to get a drink.

I'm hoping Evan gets better soon as I'd like to get out of the house this weekend!

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