Monday, March 14, 2011

Revisiting My Childhood

I love Netflix!

Saturday the boys and I had a She-Ra marathon! We also watched Pippi Longstocking and Rainbow Brite. It was AWESOME!

At the begining of each new show, Evan and Seth protested, "Mom, we dont want to watch this, its a girl movie!"

A couple minutes in I asked if they wanted me to turn it off, I got a resounding "NO".

Who would have thought girls could be more than pansy princesses?!

Not this kid.

Now he knows. See, education, thats what we're all about around here! Oh, that and justifying entire days spent being lazy in front of the tv.

As we watched Pippi I realized that I recognized the town the movie was shot in, turns out its Amelia Island!

Then I was curious about what happened to the actress,Tami Erin, who played the main character. Sadly, not much more than the standard scantily clad modeling photos. I was surprised, I expected some other movies or tv shows to her name! Oh well, Charlie Sheen has proven that "winning" in Hollywood isnt all its cracked up to be huh?!

Wow, thats quite the rabbit trail... Back to the original point of this post, sharing the glory of 80's movies and tv with my boys is a lot of fun. I hope Netflix adds more to their "Watch Instantly" category soon!

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