Monday, December 14, 2015

Unwanted Math Tutoring

Evan: Seth, I'm learning about Roman Numerals in math right now! Did you know that the letter M means 1000, C means 100 and L means 50?!!  

Seth: Ok.

Evan: Can you guess what X means?

Seth: I don't know... 5?

Evan: No, 10! 5 is V and I is 1! 

Seth: Cool.

Evan: So if you see XII what number do you think that is?

Seth: I don't know.

Evan: Come on try.

Seth: How should I know, I haven't learned this math yet.  

Evan: I'm trying to help you so when you're doing it next year you'll know.

Seth: Well, maybe I want it to be a surprise!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Typical Conversation

 Isla: "Mom, you never bewieve what I saw!! You. Wiw Not. Bewieve. It.

Me: "What did you see?"

Isla: "I saw, I sawwwwwww, A. KING. SNAKE!!  It was out in da road and I run away from it."

Me:  "You did the right thing running away from it!"

Isla: "I know. And den I go to it and said, 'Oh snake. Oh snake'" (she knelt down and pet an imaginary snake) "It was a dead snake.  It said, 'Sssss' At me!"

Me: "Really, the dead snake said, 'Ssss.'?!"

Isla: "Yes!! And it's orange.  Den I shot it wif my bonen arrow but it was actually my gun so... yeah. And it was my gun! Hahahaha!"

Me: "So it was your gun and not a snake?"

Isla: "NO! It was a snake but NOW it's a gun.  No, it was a gun the ho time!"

Me: "Wow that's crazy!"

Isla: "I know!"

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Daddy Needs to Make One of Those

Jed started building the fourth bedroom upstairs.  All the walls are up and the door is in which is good enough until we have help and more time to finish it.  We moved Isla in a few days ago and today I moved Celia in with her.  When she saw the pack and play she was beyond excited.

Isla: "Mom, is Celia going to sleep in my room with me?!!" (she literally squealed this) 

Me: "We're going to try it out tonight!"

Isla: "OH, MY G.O.S.H!! But wait! I don't have one of those things for her to sleep in!"  

Me: "Her pack and play is right there."

Isla: "No, no, no. I don't have one of those tiny rooms in my room where babies come from. Daddy has to build one for me. Then Celia can stay in there and be my baby and God can put a new baby in the tiny room in your room. YES!  Ohhhh I can't wait for us to both have babies! I'll have Celia and you'll have a new girl baby!!" 

Me: "Um.... do you mean a closet?" 

Isla: "Yessss a tiny closet for babies!!  I need one!" 

The Hair

So after 3 long years Isla's hair has emerged and it seems my genetics dominated here.   

Both my sister and I had this exact hair style when we were toddlers. It's basically impossible to tame at this point.  It's too short to pull back and at her age and activity level any amount of styling ends up looking like this sooner rather than later.

Oh and did I mention she hates anything that touches her head?! No head bands, no hats, and absolutely no clips.  She does like it when I "Elsa" her hair which is a tiny braid in the back that ends up looking like a rat tail.  

Eventually her hair will be long enough to weigh itself down, until then she'll be rocking the mad scientist look.   I think she pulls it off well. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

NC for Halloween

We surprised the kids by taking them to Aunt Jessie and Uncle Nate's house for Halloween this year! 

 On the way up we stopped in Savannah and spent the night.  The city was celebrating Halloween downtown that night so every parking spot was taken.  We drove the scenic River Street before heading to our hotel.  The next morning we enjoyed the free all you can eat breakfast at the hotel. The boys were in heaven!  We didn't have a problem finding a parking space at 9am so we walked River Street, enjoying the view and our morning coffee.  We were easily on the road before 10. 

We made it to Jessie's house just after Blake got off the school bus! The 6 boys greeted one another before disappearing for much of the weekend upstairs to play Wii or watch Netflix.  Isla became Sofie's shadow while Celia happily explored the house.  

Halloween was a full day, Grey had a costume birthday party, we went to a Trunk or Treat event, Trick or Treated around the neighborhood and ended the night with Thai take out for the adults!  

Sunday morning we had our traditional sendoff breakfast at Biscuitville. Yum!

After 6 hours on the road we made it to Jacksonville and met up with my sister who recently moved back from Colorado!  We all finally got to meet our newest family member, baby Violet!

 Celia sat like this about 50% of our trip up and back.
 Jed and I found it highly amusing!

 Savannah is so cool!
 The kids loved watching the ships come and go.
 We couldn't pass up a photo op with a giant pumpkin!
 Watching my family climb these stairs was both cool and terrifying!
Group shot!
 We of course stopped at South of the Border!

Finally we made it to NC! These two are a hoot to watch and listen to.

I got to watch the behind the scenes magic as my sister in law made an amazing two tiered rainbow birthday cake!

Isla's first sleepover! It makes my heart happy that she has such an awesome role model in Sofie, look at the two of them reading!!

Celia seemed to be on a mission to tear anything and everything she could find apart. 

 Jed and Nate spent the first evening out back shooting their bows.
He shot an arrow into another arrow! Now I just need him to shoot me a deer!

Grey's birthday party was awesome! Costumes, cakes, a castle park, an edible arrangement, it doesn't get any better!

 Celia wore the body part of her costume happily but whenever I would put her flower hat on she slumped over like this in protest.  Despite finding her adorable and this reaction amusing I only made her wear it for pictures.

Before we headed out for trunk or treat we got a family pic!
 Notice Celia's pouty face, I'm literally supporting her upper body so she can't slump over!

I didn't take any pics while we were out.  We had a great time. There was a pet zoo, hot dogs, bounce houses and a dance party!  The dancing was amazing. Isla was channeling her inner Elaine from Seinfeld, sooo funny.  Blake taught our boys how to break dance... I only wish the lighting had been good enough to take video!

The kids made a killing tricking or treating.  Unfortunately Blake  got sick a few houses in and had to go back. I think break dancing for 30+ minutes in a full body Halloween costume took its toll.

Apparently Celia wasn't satisfied with candy, soon after we got back she ransacked the pantry and had her way with a box of Trix!  

 The final meal together. Grey's not used to girly snuggles.

 Getting everyone to smile never works, I think silly faces should become the new standard for group shots!

 Violet is just the sweetest little thing!
 We're so thankful for all the family we got to see in just a few days! 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

First Visit to the Beach

It was Celia's first time and our first trip of 2015.  It was chilly, as in I was cold just standing there!  Fortunately our crazy kids didn't mind and played even with blue lips.  The Jellyfish were out in force and we think Seth got stung (sometimes its so subtle its hard to tell if its a sting or irritation from the salt/sand). 
Obligatory group shot. Isla just loves these. 

Babies first beach day! 

Some other kids dug a hole, filled it with water and collected the washed up jellyfish.  

We can't wait until summer!  

Thursday, March 19, 2015

First "Bobby"

Isla got her first Barbie!  

It came in her Happy Meal and let me tell you it made her sooooo happy!  
She asked me to take a picture of her and her "bobby" and when I told her to smile she smiled so hard I thought her little cheeks were going to burst! 

This is her, telling me, "This my bobby mom, not yours!" 

 I think the crazy eyes make her point clear.