Friday, May 30, 2008


This time last week I was in California!   For my birthday Jed bought me a plane ticket to L.A. to visit my good friend Victoria over memorial day weekend.   We had a lot of fun.  We went hiking in the mountains, we explored L.A. and Hollywood (hollywood is really overrated), we went to her church picnic and we went on a whale, dolphin and sea lion tour.   However the best part was being able to hang out with a really good friend!  Hopefully we dont have to wait another three years to get together again.   I'm actually trying to talk Jed into looking for jobs in southern California but he's not a big fan of the area.  Oh well, maybe I can change his mind someday. :)   I posted pictures of my trip on facebook, you can get to them by clicking on this link;
Thank you Jed and Victoria for an awesome gift I really enjoyed it!   Love ya both! 
While I was gone Jed had the boys which is a lot of work in and of itself but he also decided to start working on our bedroom.   When we moved in, there was nasty forest green carpet in our room and we had always planned on ripping it out but never got around to.   Right before my trip Jed found a great deal on wood flooring on Craigslist so he bought it with the intention of eventually putting it in our room.  I had no idea I would come home to a bran new bedroom.   He went out and bought a bed frame that we both had said we like, a bed spread that is just what I told him I liked and he painted the walls.  I'm really impressed!   It finally feels like our room rather than just the place that we crash at the end of a long day. :)   Thank you babe!  
Our new bed.  We still have to pick out nightstands and a rug. 
To move the dressers out of our room Jed took all the drawers out which gave Evan a great new place to hang out.  He thinks he's so cool!
While I was in Cali, Victoria took me to a children's consignment shop and I picked up this cute outfit.  I cant wait to try it on our little guy!  
Me at 20 weeks along.  I hate taking these pictures I never know what to do with my hands!  

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's Official

We are a boy factory!  Baby boy #3 is on his way!  Let me tell you he already has quite the personality.  He put on a show for us, smiling, waving and kicking.   The ultrasound technician said she had never seen such an active 18 week baby before!  Whenever she pushed on my belly he pushed right back at her, it was a weird feeling.   It was so fun getting to see our little guy, it really makes me wish I didnt have to wait another 22 weeks to hold him.  Oh well, there's a lot to get done before we're really ready for him.  So here are some of the pictures.
Baby #3 blog
Baby #3 blog2
At 18 weeks he doesnt have any fat so he looks kind of skeletal.  
Baby #3 blog3
His little hand! 
Baby #3 blog4
He's going to be a thumb sucker just like his big brother Seth! 


Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Jed and the boys woke me up with breakfast in bed!  It was so cute both boys brought me a plate of pancakes.  I decided to get out of bed and have breakfast with everyone though.   Then they gave me my presents, a sewing machine and accessories to go with it!   I've been wanting to learn how to sew but its kind of hard without a machine.  I've never even touched a sewing machine before so I spent all morning reading the directions and learning to thread it and what not.   We spent the rest of the day hanging out around our pool and for dinner Jed bought very yummy steaks and grilled them for us.  It was a wonderful day!  I'm so happy to be the mother of the sweetest and craziest little boys I know!  I hope all you mothers out there had a good day as well!
Jed took this picture of the boys before they woke me up.  Thanks for making me breakfast babe! 
Studying.  I was freaked out b/c there were all these warnings throughout the instructions that if I didnt put the thread in right I could break the needle or even the whole machine, talk about pressure! :)
Today I got out my maternity clothes.   I can still fit into most of my regular clothes (although I'm using a rubber band to "button" my pants) but its getting really hot down here now so I need shorts.  Instead of getting my regular summer shorts out of the attic and having to put them back in a few weeks I just got out my maternity stuff.  I also had some newborn baby clothes in the tote with my clothes and it really got me excited about this little baby.  It brought back memories of dressing the boys in the clothes and how cute and small they were (they're still cute but not so small:)).   It almost made me wish for another boy just so I could use the clothes again!  However if its a girl I guess it would be fun to go clothes shopping for her!   I'll be happy either way. 
A random picture I took the other day.   Its not uncommon to find Church sprawled out on his back on the carpet in our livingroom and whenever possible Evan likes to lay down next to him for a while and "cuddle".  Its so cute!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thank You Nana and Papa

Yesterday Evan found a toad in our pool so I got out a present that he had recieved from nana and papa a few months ago, a bug collector kit.   It came with a net and a jar with breathing holes so I told Evan to grab the net and fish the little toad out.  It took a little while (a lot longer than if I had as usual grabbed the pool skimmer and tossed him out) but Evan had a blast.   He finally caught his toad (or as he calls him Mr. Frog) and we put him in the bug jar so we could watch him.  A magnifying glass also came with the kit which Evan used to look at anything and everything like he was Sherlock Holmes.  Finally after daddy got home from work  Evan was able to share his toad rescuing story with him and then we let Mr. Frog go.   He hopped away and Evan was fine until this morning now all he wants to do is go outside to look for Mr. Frog.
Evan and Toad
Evan caught him! 
Evan and Toad2
Evan and his new friend.
Seth and Net
Seth caught something too!  :) 

In other news, last night I told Jed that the baby was pretty active so he put his head on my belly to see if he could hear him/her (he was being silly).  Our fiesty little child must not have liked having daddy pressing on its little home b/c we were both surprised by a giant kick!  Usually its much later on in the pregnancy that people other than me can feel the baby kicking.  Jed left his head on my belly for a few more minutes and the baby kicked him 5 more times before giving up and probably going back to sleep.   I enjoy teasing Jed that our baby kicked him in the face. :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Mini Van Club

We've joined.  Its not something I was excited to do but when you're future includes 3 kids in carseats its pretty much inevitable.  Fortunately we found possibly the coolest minivan on the planet, at least according to Jed.   Its a 2005 Honda Odyssey the Touring edition.  There are so many gadgets that Jed can spend hours sitting in the van in our driveway just tinkering.   We got a sweet deal on the van because Jed was willing to go to one of the scariest areas of Orlando to car shop (I'm really thankful he wasnt shot ).   We had already test driven every single minivan that is currently being made so we knew what we wanted and Jed went out to find the best price.   We're really happy to have such a nice vehicle for our expanding family.   I was going to take a picture of our new van to post but the dvd player isnt working so we took it back to the dealer to have it fixed and its still in there so here's a picture I found online. 
2005 Honda
Evan also really likes the new minivan, he thinks its so cool that he's high up so he can see everything around him and he's loving his very own cupholder for his juice!   Seth doesnt really notice these kind of changes yet.   

Friday, May 2, 2008

Gardening Gone Wrong

I was watering some of our flowers and before I knew it the boys were covered in mud.   The damage was done so I helped create a giant mud puddle for them to play in and grabbed my camera.
Gearing up to jump in. 
Seth enjoys getting as dirty as possible, 
while Evan likes throwing the mud. 
083blog    085blog
This is the finished product.  Seth certainly got dirtier than his brother but Evan got good distance on some of his throws. :)
This morning right after breakfast Evan told me that he was still hungry (he had eaten 2 bowls of cereal) I told him he would have to wait until snack time.  He continuted to pester me every few minutes until snack time rolled around, he had string cheese and fruit snacks.  He had just wolfed down his string cheese and he announced he was still hungry, I looked at him and said, "Evan you're my little piggy arent you?"   His reply, "Oink Oink!"  We both laughed very hard.  Lately Evan has been developing a "verbal" sense of humor (he's been into physical comedy for quite sometime ) and enjoys making his family laugh.   I have a feeling that he'll be labeled the class clown someday.