Thursday, September 27, 2012

Birthday Morning Surpise

For Kane's birthday I decided to surprise him with streamers and balloons in his doorway and hallway when he woke up. 

I was planning to go to Target the day before to pick up my supplies but at the last minute Jed had to go out of town on a business trip and then Isla came down with a fever that caused so much discomfort she screamed almost all day.  There was just no way I was leaving the house.

Thankfully Joy was willing and able to help me out and conveniently works at Target.  She dropped off everything after her shift.  

I had about two hours from the time the boys went to bed for the night until Joy would be stopping by, so to kill time I decided to step it up a notch and turn the balloons into Angry Birds.  I got out construction paper and went to work. 

I had no idea what color balloons I would be getting and Joy had no idea I had planned to do angry birds so I was quite pleased when these were the main colors in the pack.  

 "Caw, caw, tweet, tweet." 

 I however didn't get many green balloons so I used the white balloons with green construction paper (I attempted coloring one of the balloons with green marker but it was a disaster).  
The nice thing about boys is they're not so much into the details. 

 I got the idea on Pinterest to put streamers in the bedroom doorway.  

 I thought Kane would love chopping through the paper, like a ninja.

  I was wrong. 
It was too early in the morning for such challenges. 

 After crawling under the terrifying streamers, he discovered his balloons. 

 Effectively, turning his whole morning around. 

 He would have spent all morning running through them if we hadn't had to take his brothers to school.  

 His brothers loved it too! 

Before going downstairs for breakfast, he returned to his room and

...spinjitzued his way through the streamers.  

Happy Birthday Kane! 

Goodbye 3

Pictures of Kane on the eve of his birthday.  

How can he be 4?!!  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello Fall

It's still hits 90 almost everyday but the mornings are in the 60s and there has been a nice breeze lately so we're celebrating!  

Last night we made (and ate) carmel, chocolate, apples, with a hint of sea salt!  

Look at the mess he made just sneaking tastes of the chocolate while waiting for it to dry! 
Ford ate off all the chocolate and promptly abandoned his.  

Evan's still recovering slightly from his bout with the flu and hasn't gotten his appetite back yet so he only got a half but he devoured it! 

Seth had almost as much fun helping me make the apples as he did eating them, almost. 

We Love Fall! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Spider Friend

Kane found a spider on the stairs today. 

As I was about to squish him with my shoe, Kane shouted, "No, don't kill him he's a wolfy spider! They don't bite, they're our spider friends!"  Sigh.  

I wasn't going to let little "wolfy" just wander around our house so I caught him and now Kane is carrying him around in this container.  

Since we were on the subject and all, Kane informed me that he and his brothers had been catching wolf spiders upstairs and keeping them in (open) bins as pets.  Do we have some kind of infestation? Ick. 

And yes, Kane has been kissing his "bery best spider friend".  

At least he wasn't the size of this wolfy spider friend.  *shudder* We found this one at the store, where we left it, much to the disappointment of my children.  
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wildlife in the Backyard

Kane spotted something! 

Oh yes, that's Regis off in the distance sunning himself/hunting birds.  

Very inconspicuous, don't ya think?! 

Come here little birdy, you look tasty! 

While we were focused on the gator, this guy snuck up on us. 

 Fortunately he's only interested in bird seed. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Not The Next Bill Nye

Kane walks into the bathroom after I had taken a shower, points to the mirror and says, 

"Mom, why is it like that?"

Me: "The mirror fogged up because I took a hot shower."

Kane: "But why?"

Me: (I could tell he was in his "why" mood and was talking for the sake of talking so I decided to roll with it) "Well, some of the water from the shower gets hot enough that it evaporates, turning into a gas, we call it steam.  The steam floats through the air and when it hits the mirror it cools down and goes through condensation, fogging up the mirror."

Kane: "What's condensation?"

Me: "When a vapor turns into a liquid." 

Kane: "What kind of liquid?"

Me: "Well, this is water."

Kane: "Oh, well, who cares about all that, anyway."

Leaves bathroom shaking his head dismissively. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Gift

Look what I made!  
After much struggle I was able to sew in a straight line well enough to finish this. 

Hopefully Oakley enjoys snuggling in it! 

Baby Shower

Tracy and Coty's baby shower was this weekend. Our entire family was invited because it was a co-ed shower but unfortunately Kane was sick so Jed kept him, Ford and Isla home.  

Evan, Seth and I went and had a blast.  I brought my camera and was looking forward to taking pictures without a baby strapped on me but when I went to take my first shot I realized my camera battery was dead which was weird because I pulled it straight off the charger.  I think it must have gone bad. Sad day.  

Thank goodness for camera phones, even if the quality is terrible at least its documented! 
The location was outdoors at a park on a river.  

The boys were quick to jump in the river.

The adults stayed dry and hung out by the grill. 

I think the boys split their time evenly between swimming and eating. 
 Best. Day. Ever. 

Cute Safari themed cake! 

Tracy protested cutting the cake but we forced her into it.  
Yay for fun, awkward moments! 

The boys talked Coty into joining them in the frigid water! 

Then they watched Tracy open their gifts. 
 Before we left for the shower they asked if they could pick out a couple things from their rooms to give to baby Oakley. 

We love you Oakley and can't wait to meet you!! 

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

We love you and miss you!