Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lots of Pics

The other day Jed was holding Kane when he started to stink so Jed passed him off to me and I took him to the changing table.  Kane had pooped but it wasnt much so I was teasing Jed telling him he should have taken this one b/c it wasnt bad.  Jed walks into our bedroom to say something to me so I looked over at him and just then he gasps, I look down and Kane is pooping all over the changing table!  I start laughing and Jed runs to get some napkins.  We thought he was done so I started to clean up and he started pooping again so I just held his legs waiting for him to stop.   Well, to my surprise (he's never done this before and its not supposed to be an issue at his age according to his dr.)  for his big finale he decided to pee all over me, himself, the changing table and even the wall!  It was a scene!  Thats how he ended up in the bath where this picture was taken.  I try to get as many pictures of his blue eyes as possible as I keep waiting for them to turn brown! 
I pulled out the boys memory totes to put some stuff away and Evan wandered in.  He immediately found his "squeaky" aka his old pacifier and popped it in like he had never given it up!  Its been almost 2 years since he quit cold turkey but apparently he's ready to pick it up at any given time.  I took some pics before confinscating and hiding the pacifier. 
Time for a Christmas picture!  The boys know the drill but...
Put their baby brother in between them and they lose it!  This is the best picture that I got of the three of them and to prove it,
There's this one.   Doesnt it look like Evan's saying, "Mom, give it up this is never going to work."
Then there's this one, all three look thrilled!
Another attempt with grandma, which wasnt too bad.
Why is the infant the only one looking at the camera? :) 
Finally I gave up and took them to get a picture with Santa at the mall.  They didnt break down crying or try to run away but they were in kind of stunned state.  Seth didnt move or speak the entire time he was up there and Evan just kind of whispered to Santa what he wanted. It was so funny! 
This little guy stayed home with daddy and napped while I took the other two to see Santa. 

Saturday, December 13, 2008

11 Weeks

11 weeks
We were on our way out to do a little Christmas shopping and I popped the binky in his mouth and he actually took it for a little while.  I thought it was so cute!  I also love the way he looks in a hoodie, adorable!  I found a hoodie on sale at Old Navy this week and bought it for him for Christmas.  Its funny, I had pretty much finished my Christmas shopping when I realized I hadnt gotten him anything!  Does that make me a bad mom? :)  Oh well, at least I caught it before Christmas.  I adore this kid but its been hard to readjust my thinking to being a family of five rather than four.  
11 weeks2
Sweet little boy.
Jed took some fun pictures of the boys today.  Evan loves to make silly faces at the camera and then look at them afterwards.  This one cracked me up.
Is it time for bed or a safari?
double stroller
So I was out shopping yesterday and I saw this woman with the coolest double stroller I've ever seen.  I really liked it because its so compact.  Kane might just get a little brother so I can use this thing!  Just kidding, I would never have a baby just to use a product. :)   Unfortunately its more than $500.  Why do people pay so much for things like this?  I just cant imagine what would ever make a stroller worth that much!  That frustrates me.  Anyway, heres the link if you're interested

Saturday, December 6, 2008

10 Weeks and Another Parade

10 weeks
He's too big for this shirt but I really like it so I wanted to get one more wear and picture out of it!  
We went to the Christmas parade tonight.  Evan was thrilled too see so many "offisters" and "copsters".  Seth liked all the bikes and whenever a white bike drove by he'd shout, "Uncle Jay!"  even though uncle Jay was standing next to him. :)   When Santa went by I noticed that the only people really freaking out about him were the parents, "Oh Timmy look its Santa!"  Timmy was like, "Yup."  I sometimes wonder if its really just the adults that get into the whole Santa things.  My boys dont really know anything about Santa and I'm not sure if I want them to.  They're both so excited about Christmas and I didnt have to say anything about Santa to make that happen.  The whole Santa thing just seems lame to me, I dont know why...  Although I do want to have them get their picture taken with Santa, I think every kid should have a picture of themselves as a toddler screaming in the arms of Santa, thats classic! :)   We'll see what happens. 
Kane was amazed by all the flashing lights.
A large man in a tiny car, too funny!
You really cant see it in this picture but Santa is sitting on top of the fire truck, parents everywhere were freaking out!
Afterwards we got some ice cream.  Evan refused to look away from his ice cream for a picture so he's yelling "CHEESE" into his bowl.
I tried to get a cute picture with the giant, lit, tree in the background but Seth would have none of it.  Evan's looking at him like, "Come on stop being so dramatic and lets get this over with." 

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving a few days late

Jed was working on the computer all weekend so I've only been able to get on a little bit here and there making it difficult to post.  I missed Thanksgiving and Kane's 9 week picture so I have some catching up to do!
Thanksgiving was awesome we went over to our friends the Mason's for dinner.  Len made a turkey and a ham, yum!  The little boys played in the backyard until dark, the big boys played videos games and us girls hung out in the kitchen cooking, cleaning and chatting.
Hanging out after dinner.
Thanks for having us over Len!

The four people in this world that I'm most thankful for:
1 Jed
1 Evan
1 Seth

Friday Jed and I got up early and headed out for some shopping madness.  The toy sales were lack luster but we found some clothes for us on sale and let me tell you, I need a wardrobe update!  Actually my wardrobe isnt too bad I just dont fit into any of my pre-Kane clothes yet.  Fortunately I found some jeans for $15 and a couple of shirts for $6!  Yay!
The rest of the weekend was pretty low key.  Jed worked on a Christmas present for the boys, we're setting up a computer for them in the florida room/playroom.  Let me back up, over the summer we cancelled our satelite tv and instead hooked up or tv to an antenna and a computer.  Its really great b/c we're saving so much money every month and we arent losing out too much on our tv selection.  In fact now we can go right to and watch movies instantly!  Now we're doing the same thing for the boys plus we're installing some learning software for them to use.  Thats part of the reason I couldnt use the computer this weekend, Jed had both computers torn a part, mixing and matching parts and pieces, troubleshooting and other such things I dont understand. :)   Anyway, thats one of their gifts this year, shhhhh dont tell them! 
Today I took Kane to the doctor and he's still packing on the weight at 12lbs 12oz and 23 1/2 in long!  He's in the 75th percentile for both height and weight!  I love having a chubby baby, its so fun.   Also last night he slept from 11:40pm to 5:30am, thats almost 6 hours.  He's done this a couple of times randomly over the last 2 weeks, its been wonderful. 
9 weeks
9 weeks and growing!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

8 Weeks

Kane 8 weeks
Today is also one month until Evan's 4th birthday!  How is that even possible?  :)
We put up our tree, my husband likes to get a head start on these things.  It was fun, Evan remembers last Christmas and is so excited about it.   I dont think Seth remembers last year but Evan explained to him that they get presents and he definitely gets that! 
blog tree2
Evan was my little helper!
blog tree3
The almost finished product (I still have to put all the ornaments on).  The boys got their chairs and sat in front of the tree all night.   

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Nephew

Silas was born Friday, 9lbs 6oz!  Congratulations, Ben, Missy, Judah, Gianna and Tiernan!  I'm sad I have to wait to meet him until summer. :( 

This weekend I thought I would try to teach Seth to pray.  This is how it went:
Me: "Seth repeat after me, Dear God."
Seth: "Ok, Dear dog."
Me: "What?!"
Seth: "What?"
Me: "No, say God again."
Seth: "Dog."
Me: "No say, God."
Seth: "Dog."
Me: "Hahahahahahahahaha!" Fall off the bed laughing. 
Seth: Confused but giggling. 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Week 7

[Bath blog
At his 1 month appointment on Monday he weighed in at 11 lbs 4oz and 22 inches long.  That put him in the 85th percentile for weight and 75th in height which is huge for our family!  I guess constantly eating pays off! :) 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


[Blog boys2

blog boys
Evan and Seth really love to hold and snuggle with Kane, it amazes me.  I always thought that little girls were fascinated by babies not boys.  Its so funny whenever Kane starts to cry Evan tries to calm him down by saying, "Dont worry baby Kane its me, Evan."  He thinks Kane is afraid of something and if he reassure Kane its just him then he'll stop crying.  When Kane doesnt stop crying then Evan is convinced that Kane doesnt like him!  I've tried explaining to Evan that babies just cry but he still takes it personal, poor kid. :) 
This week has been filled with stuff every night and finally tonight we have nothing going on.  So were going to go wander around Target, one of our favorite pastimes (you cant be too pick with three kids) I search for sales while the boys play in the toy aisles.  Then we'll come home and watch a movie, I cant wait!
blog hands
Look at that chubby thumb!  I love it!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Who Needs A Maid?



They're such good helpers! 

Saturday, November 8, 2008

6 Weeks and Parade

Kane 6weeks
Aunt Tracy came to visit today! 
Blog parade
In the morning we went to the Veteran's Day parade.  Cars, trucks and bikes, it doesnt get any better for these three boys!  
blog parade3
I cant believe he slept through it all!
blog parade2
blog parade4
He's proud to be an American. 

Monday, November 3, 2008

First Smile

 blog smile
Kane smiled for the first time last Thursday but I havent been able to capture it until today.  Isnt he adorable!
blog thrush
For the last week Kane and I have had thrush.  It doesnt bother him too much but its causing me a lot of pain!  Hopefully this passes soon so I wont dread his feedings anymore.  The medication stains his mouth purple for a couple hours which I think is hilarious!
blog Kane
He likes tummy time for about five seconds, then he starts screaming. 
blog Turkey
Meet Tom the Turkey!  Evan loves him!  Seth is terrified, he cries every night when we blow Tom up. 
blog turkey2
The wind knocked Tom over, thankfully Evan was there to rescue him! :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

For Future Reference

Someday, hopefully, my boys will have children of their own and they will be going through the "newborn phase" so I thought I would write down some helpful tips I've learned.  I decided to start with a list of so called, "must have" baby items that have been worthless to me:
-bottle warmer
-diaper genie: I keep a small garbage basket next to the pack and play.
-changing table:  They're awkward to change on and most pack and plays come with one attached.  To be honest once the baby is a couple months old I kept a basket full of diapers and wipes in the livingroom and changed on the floor.   
-baby shoes (before they walk)
-diaper bag: My purse has always been big enough to put a few diapers, a change of clothes and a bottle in it.  Also we always have a pack of wipes in each vehicle and extra diapers.
-regular high chair: booster seat-sterilizer: dishwasher does the trick!
-rattles: the boys never showed any interest.
-newborn sized shirts that arent onsies: the babies tummy is always exposed b/c they ride up! (such a pain)
-big bulky strollers, we used our Graco stroller maybe 5 times and I could have saved the money on a stroller and just used a sling.  Cheaper, lighter, compact, umbrella strollers work so much better when the baby is a few months old.
-bedding sets: The quilt and the bumper pads are USELESS for infants!  Cute sheets and recieving blankets work just fine for bedding! 
-diaper stackers
-baby lotion: I was told in the hospital to never use lotion on a baby b/c it actually dries their skin out.  Plus it covers up the natural baby smell which I love!
-shopping cart seat covers:  I use a wipe to wipe down the handle, problem solved! :)
-burp clothes:  Flannel blankets do the job, just buy a few extra so you're not doing laundry everyday. 
-car seat head supporter

Items I cant live without:
-Infant gas relief drops
-baby swing
-bottle dryer and bottle brush
-flannel blankets
-pack and play with changing table
-car seat base (I suggest buying one for each car)
-car seat
-light weight stroller
-bouncy seat
-baby bathtub
Finally a few things that I wish I had tried but havent:
-Travel swing:  As newborns my boys really relaxed in a swing and it would be nice to bring a swing over to other people's homes.
-My Brestfriend pillow: to help support the baby when he's eating
-Cloth diapers and all the accessories:  Our neighbor and Jed's co-workers have bought us over 350 size 1 diapers so once we've gone through all those we'll start cloth diapering. 
 We went to Zoo Boo today!  The boys had a blast dressing up in their costumes and collecting candy. 
Buzz Lightyear! 
Eeyore!  I was going to buy a new costume for Seth this year but I put him in the Eeyore costume and he was too cute.