Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life with a Crawler

Ford has been crawling for a few months but only recently has discovered true purpose in his direction and increased speed.

And what is that purpose? Well, its usually one of three things, to be with me, to be with his brothers, or to be with the big kid toys.

If I'm in the kitchen making dinner, he is there. He scoots himself up to my ankles, wraps his arms around them and yells until I pick him up. Then I have to take him into the living room set him down, run back to what I was doing and to get as much done as I can before he reaches me again. This is repeated until I'm able to give him my undivided attention.

If its naptime for the older boys, he's guaranteed to be found making his way, if not already there, to Evan's room. While he adores all his brothers, Evan is by far the most fun. Evan knows how to make the best silly faces, he rolls around on the ground with his littlest brother and when tickling or snuggling, unlike the other boys, he knows how to be gentle.

Then there is the baby mecca, the toy room. Not only is this where bright, shiny, new (to him) toys are located, but his brothers spend the majority of their time out there too!

Unfortunately, it's the only room in our house that has a step (and its tile!), a heavy door and there are small toys, toys with sharp-ish edges and of course, broken toy pieces.

Side note: Why are boys so destructive? I mean do they have to throw cars off the table as hard as they can into the wall? Is there some kind of little boy rule/guide book mandating this behavior that was given to my sons and not me?

Plus many toys out there wouldn't survive a play date with him (see above side note).

So we're gettin out the baby gates, moving breakable objects to higher ground and I'll probably spend some time this week going through the big kid toys, throwing out some things while putting others in storage.

With kids of any age there seem to always be adjustments that have to be made, now or in the near future!

But I think he's worth it!


Katie said...

What a cutie!! Sounds like your house is one crazy place!!

Charlotte has just started scooting a little, but she can only go backwards so far. It's hilarious!

Laine said...

Thanks Katie! I want to see video of the backwards scooting!!