Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This weekend my sister surprised me by taking me out to a spa and then a baby shower at Carrabba's!  The spa was awesome, I had my first ever pedicure and then a prenatal massage.  It was by far the best massage I've ever had, I almost fell asleep a couple times.  I think we're going to go back after I have Kane maybe around Christmas.   The baby shower was so much fun.  We sat around eating and chatting for a couple hours.  There was a slightly heated debate on disposable vs. cloth diapers which I thoroughly enjoyed! :)  We had a really good waiter who noticed that I wasnt really drinking my water but only eating the ice in it.  He came up to me and said, "My sister just had a baby and ate lots of ice during her pregnancy."  He then handed me a glass just filled with ice.  That guy knows how to get a good tip! :)  I also received very generous gifts for Kane, thank you so much girls!  I'm so blessed by amazing friends and family! ]]>

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Red Car

One day last week Jed and I decided we needed to get out of the house but couldnt think of anything we needed/wanted to do so we were just going to go for a drive.   As I was getting the boys ready to go I told them we were going on a car ride so Evan asks, "Can we go in the red car?"  I replied, "Evan, we dont have a red car."  He pauses and thinks for a moment and then says, "Because, Papa and Nana took, it far far away."   It took me a moment to figure out that he was talking about the Jeep we sold to Jed's parents in April.  Poor Evan has been thinking this whole time that his grandparents stole his car! :) 

 Speaking (or I guess "writing" if you want to get technical) of  grandparents, we have a framed photo sitting on an end table of Jed's parents and the other day I walked into the livingroom to find Seth holding it and softly speaking to it.  I couldnt make out what he was saying before he noticed I was in the room, he looked at me like a deer in headlights b/c he knows he's not supposed to touch the pictures on the tables.  He was being so cute that I didnt have it in me to discipline him so I sat down on the couch next to where he was standing and said, "Who is that?" pointing to the picture.  He points to each of their faces saying there names and then says, "They LOVE MEEEEEE!"  He then flops the picture back down on the table and runs off.  Now Jed and I find him almost daily cuddling with and talking to his Papa and Nana. 

Sunday my sister watch the boys for the afternoon so Jed and I could get away.  We dropped the boys off at her apartment downtown and then went to Ikea.  It was swamped with people but being there without kids made it almost seem like we had the place to ourselves, almost. :) We leisurely strolled along looking at each of the displays while sipping a diet soda.  Then we headed to the outlet mall which was also swamped with tourists and back to school shoppers.   It was crazy but we enjoyed walking around browsing kids and home goods stores.  After that we headed to Carrabbas for dinner, so yummy!  It was such a fun day for us and the boys had a blast with Tracy.  She took them to her pool, the park and then out for ice cream, they have the best aunt! 
 Monday I spent the day trying to get thing ready for tropical storm Fay.  I baked, did laundry and anything else I could think of doing in case we lost power.  When Jed got home he cleared up space in our garage to pull in our van while I cleaned up the backyard bringing in pool toys and moving stuff around that might get blown over.  On Tuesday morning Jed got the call from work that he had the day off b/c of the T.S.  We waited all morning for something to happen but all we got were some gray clouds, no wind and no rain.  The weather was amazing though, it was so cool it felt like a fall day.  Yesterday was the same way only Jed had to go to work.  Finally last night it started raining and it hasn't stopped since.  Our pool overflowed last night and started flooding our backyard so in the middle of the night Jed had to go out to drain it.  That's about the extent of our T.S. issues so far.  Our neighbor across the street has his windows boarded up which is kind of funny but he's retired and has plenty of time to do stuff like that. :)   

Random Pics
The baby sling is ready!  Thanks Jessica for the idea and directions! 
Oh goodness, what is he going to do with that?

Yup, its time for Seth to get a haircut!  Seth, "Why are you letting Evan do this to me?"   Don't worry, Seth will have his chance at revenge when its time for Evan's next cut.  :) 


Ok, belly shot!  I really cant believe I'm only going to get bigger over the next few weeks!&

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Things You Probably Shouldn't Say To A Pregnant Woman

-"Oh my gosh you're HUGE!" 

-"You've really gotten a lot bigger since the last time I saw you, WOW!"

-Stranger: "So how much longer do you have to go?"  Me: "Two months."  Strangers eyes pop out of her head then says: "I thought you had days not months, I mean look at you." 

-I'm out with the boys, stranger says: "Oh I sure hope you're having a girl this time!" 

-"There is just no way you're going to make it to your due date, you're just too big!"

- Stranger: "So this is going to be your third boy?!"  Me:"Yup."  Stranger:"Weren't you devastated when you found out."  Me:"No, I'm pretty excited."  Stranger: "Well I would have killed myself if I found out I was having a third boy."    

-"So are you getting your tubes tied after this one?" 

-This next one needs a little bit of background.  Last week I had an UTI and needed to get a prescription for antibiotics but b/c my midwife cant prescribe medicine I had to go to a walk in clinic.  This is some of the conversation between me and the doctor.

Doctor walks in the room and says, "Miss, you know this is not the place to come to have a baby, right?" Tone was flat out condescending.  Me:  "Yes I know.  I'm not having a baby I have a UTI."  He tells me to go pee in a cup, I do and then go back to the exam room.  He walks in and says, "Well you have a lot of blood in your urine but no bacteria."  Looking puzzled at his chart he then turns to me and says, "What do you think is going on?"  I was kind of shocked and all I could say was, "I dont know.  Arent you supposed to tell me?"  After we sat down and discussed "options" we decided to just go with an antibiotic but he explained that he needed to do quite a bit of research to find out what would be safe for me b/c I was pregnant and he wasnt sure.  Oh my confidence was just soaring at this point.  Anyway he gave me the script, I went home, got on the internet and did my own research.  Thankfully it turned out to be the right kind of antibiotic for UTIs and pregnant women. 

For the most part I'm not offended by these comments, I actually think its funny (that's why I'm sharing on here).  I know I'm huge, its a part of being pregnant, you have another person living and growing inside of you!  The doctor experience was kind of annoying yet I can laugh about it but I'm never going back there.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Beatles

This weekend the boys hit the jackpot when they found two giant beetles in our pool.  Evan was so excited but too nervous to touch them at first, Seth on the other hand just grabbed them without any fear and started playing.  My initial reaction was to freak out like a girl and tell the boys to put them down however Jed reminded me that we don't want to teach the boys to fear harmless creatures.   Soooo, I sucked it up and tried to encourage the boys to investigate while keeping a good bit of distance between myself and the bugs. 
He wanted to get a closer look.

Finally Evan gets up the courage to grab one and he brings it over to me, great!

Jed washed our driveway this weekend.  I had never heard of anyone doing this until we moved to Florida.   This is actually our neighbor's machine that we borrowed, he washes his driveway almost every month!  Unfortunately just as Jed was finishing up it stopped working so he's been spending a lot of time trying to get it running again. :(  Poor guy.  

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Kodiak

Last week we got a postcard in the mail from New Tribes Mission announcing a display of the new Kodiak plane that they plan to purchase for some of their foreign fields.  Both Jed and I have ridden in several of New Tribes current planes and we (ok mostly just Jed) were curious to see how the new planes would compare.  It also mentioned that they would be offering rides for $35 per person, I immediately told Jed he had to take Evan.  So Jed called and reserved two spots on this mornings flight.  Seth and I tagged along to take pictures and I was surprised (I dont know why this surprises me anymore) by how many people I ran into that I knew.  Even more interesting were all the people that had recognized our last name when we signed up and came up to ask us how we were related to Jed's parents, his brother or his sister.   Well of course Jed and Evan had a great flight and Jed said he was very impressed with the new plane.  Since we've been home Evan continues to remind me that he went on a plane ride and that he was scared but it was ok b/c he was in the sky with the birds.  :)   
Everyone is fascinated by the plane but my boys found a beetle...
At least Seth and I got to take a picture by it. :)
Evan is ready to go!
My extremely happy husband.
My extremely happy son.
Here's more info on why NTM is purchasing these new planes,

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I put the boys to bed tonight and read to them from our bible story book.   After the story I prayed and when I had finished I asked Evan if he would like to talk to God, he said no.  I asked him if he was sure there wasnt anything he'd like to thank God for and his eyes lit up and he said yes.  I told him to go for it and this is what he prayed,  "Dear baby Jesus (the story was about the birth of baby Jesus so I think thats why he worded it that way), thank you for the pool, thank you for food... (long thoughtful pause and I'm hoping he'll say something about daddy, mommy, seth, even one of our pets would be nice) thank you for FRUIT SNACKS!  Amen."   At least he's honest! :)  
Some randome pictures from this weekend.
Daddy and Seth reading together.
A turtle that we found this weekend.  He's currently living in our backyard his name is Rex.
Evan getting a closer look.
Finally he worked up enough courage to pick Rex up!  Now the challenge is getting him to leave Rex alone. :)