Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ice Cream

I took Evan out for ice cream.  I took him to Brusters because kids under a certain height get a free baby scoop with a regular scoop purchase.  Evan ended up eating his baby cone and most of my regular cone because he's such a chow hound.  Its so funny to watch him eat because he gets so into it.  I had to take a few pictures to capture our first mother/son date night.  
The best ice cream in town!

See, its funny.

He was concerned that I was getting too close to his ice cream.

He really, really likes his ice cream.
Earlier today, I decided to carve one of our smaller pumpkins for fun.  I carved a C into it for Cusimano.  It wasnt as hard as I thought it was going to be, I think next year I'm going to do all our names in separate pumpkins.   Our big pumpkin is already starting to rot unfortunately.  We forgot to bring it in a couple days this week and the sun has really gotten to it.  Its really gross inside but it still looks ok at night.

We also had Gwen groomed this weekend.  We had the de-shedding treatment done because we're always sweeping up her hair.   They not only brushed and trimmed her fur, they brushed her teeth and gave her a bandana to wear.   She even smells like vanilla, its great! 

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Boo Zoo

We took the boys to the zoo today for the zoo boo bash, basically its a costume party at the zoo.    We walked around for a couple hours and then took the boys on the zoo train.  It was a lot of fun and gave us another opportunity to dress them in their costumes.   Evan is Eeyore and Seth is a Pot of Hunny.  Arent they adorable!?! 

The Pot of Hunny, before the zoo.

Eeyore, before the zoo.

This was on our way into the zoo, Eeyore was pretty anxious to get in and see the animals. 

Eeyore was fasinated with the giant, moving spider.

Jed was ready for his jungle safari.

The Pot of Hunny, hanging out in his stroller, sucking his thumb. 

Our train ride, "Daddy get in before the train takes off with out you!"

Daddy made it. 

Eeyore had fun on the train. 

So did mommy and The Pot of Hunny!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Park and The Pumpkin

After Jed got home from work yesterday we took a family trip to the park.   Gwen and Evan ran around chasing each other and Seth got in the swing for the first time.  It was so nice to be outside and not sweat. 

Evan "hiding" behind a tree from us and Gwen. 
Jed, Seth and Gwen taking a break while Evan and I ran over to the slide. 
Seth's first time in the swing, he wasnt sure what to think of it. 
Later that night we decided to carve our pumpkin.  We thought it would be a lot of fun to clean out the pumpkin with Evan, surely he would love to reach in and grab seeds and slime.  Oh, we were so wrong!  As soon as I put his had inside the pumpkin he started screaming.  I dont know if he was scared, disgusted or if it was just too cold but I do know that he hated every second of it.   He was in a horrible mood the rest of the night and wouldnt go near the pumpkin.  Here's a picture right before the meltdown.
After Evan went to bed, Seth was playing on his belly in the livingroom and he started lifting himself up onto his hands and knees.   He cant figure out how to move his hands once he gets up so he falls back on his tummy pretty quick but its the first sign that crawling isnt too far away.   I'm guessing he'll be crawling in the next 2-3 weeks.   

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Jed is in Michigan at game 1 of the World Series.  He told me a month ago that if the Tigers made it to the World Series he was going to fly up to Michigan, I didn't give it much thought because its the Tigers.  To my shock they made it and Jed is now in Michigan and he has a ticket that his sister, Jessie, gave him .  Thanks Jessie, I know that Jed really really appreciates it.  I'm sure our guys are having a lot of fun at the game.  Jed borrowed my camera for his trip so I will hopefully have pictures to post of him at the game Tuesday. 

Thursday, October 19, 2006

We took the boys to get a pumpkin yesterday.  Down here the pumpkins are shipped in from other states  so during the month of October a ton of little "pumpkin patches" sprout up.  Its not quite the same as Michigan pumpkin patches but we still had fun.  Evan spent most of his time trying to pick up and throw the pumpkins, I guess to him it was a yard full of orange balls to play with.  Seth just sat and posed for pictures.  I imagine next year the 2 of them will be having contests to see who can throw the pumpkin the farthest :) 

Evan hit the ground running once he got out of the car.

He didnt have much luck picking this particular pumpkin up.

Smile for mommy, Seth!   Thats the same shirt that Evan wore last year for Halloween, it was a little big for Seth but he still looked cute. 

 This was taken at home after the pumpkin picking.  Seth was in the middle of blowing a raspberry in this picture, he sure makes some funny faces sometimes. 

Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Gander Mountain openned recently in Lake Mary.  We took the boys to look at the camping gear this morning.  They have the cool carts with the cars in front for kids to sit in.  Evan had fun but Seth was a little unsure. 
Today is Seth's 6 month birthday.  Happy half birthday, Sethy!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Grandma's Visit

Here are some pictures we took while Grandma Donna was here last week.  The boys loved having her around because they got to do a lot of fun stuff. 

We went to the beach on Saturday!

Seth is such a beach bum.

 He didnt like the water so much.  We have a picture of Evan at around the same age and he's doing the same thing. 
 Evan and I dug a hole for him to sit in.  I did most of the digging while Grandma took him swimming.

Grandma took the boys out in the backyard almost everyday, braving the Florida heat.  They loved it! 

 Evan played in the dirt in the backyard.  This picture doesnt do his mess justice :) 

 We had a girls night out with my sister, Tracy, in downtown Orlando.  She talked us into going to a sushi restaurant with her.  This is my mom and I trying Sushi for the first time.  I was nervous at first but it ended up being really good.  I'm going to drag Jed back to the same restaurant the next time we can get a babysitter. 

We took the boys to the zoo one day.   I think the elephants were his favorite.

The boys had their first bath together while grandma was down here.  Evan thought that Seth was another bath toy for him to play with.  He kept poking and pushing him.  We're going to have to teach him to be gentle with his baby brother. 

Mom we had such a good time while you were here. Thanks so much for visiting us!  Come back soon!!!

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Saturday night my mom watched the boys so Jed and I could get away.  We went to Orlando and got a hotel, we ended up with a suite for pretty cheap because its the off season down here.   We had 2 bedrooms, kitchen, livingroom and my favorite thing of all, a huge bathroom with a gigantic jetted tub.  I took 3 baths in less than 24 hours. :)  It was amazing.  We were right on I Drive so we drove around watching all the tourist, and then we decided to check out Wonder Works.   After that we went back and went swimming in the pool and then ended up watching movies in our room.  We went to bed at around 11pm and for the first time in more than 5 months I got a full nights sleep, I didnt wake up until 9am.  Woohoo.  Thank you so much mom!!!!    
Here are some pictures of our night away. 
Me outside of Wonder Works. 

I wanted to bring this home with us. :)

 Jed wanted to bring this TV home with us.
Our king bed, I couldnt wait to pass out and have uninterupted sleep. :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Well things are still slow around here.  I did get my hair cut last week, its a lot shorter now and I really like it but I dont take a lot of pictures of myself so I dont have any pictures of the new do yet.   I have taken a few pictures of the boys though.  Last night we had corn on the cob with dinner and it was the first time Evan has eaten corn on the cob so I took a picture.  He had a lot of fun trying to figure out how to eat it.  Seth is sitting up on his own now, he has amazing balance, he only fell over once yesterday.  My mom is flying in from Michigan tomorrow, this will be her first time meeting Seth so I'm sure I'll have a lot of pictures to post during and after her visit.  Well I hope you in enjoy the few pics of the boys I have right now. 

 Evan and his yummy corn.
 Seth is enjoying his new found freedom of sitting by himself.
Just Seth.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jed's Trip

Jed got back from Michigan last night.  He had a great time but was very happy to be back home in warm Florida.  He said that he was in his hooded sweatshirt the entire time he was up there, even at night in bed.  Yes, we have definitely become Floridians.  He was able to visit with all three of his sisters and their families while he there and some old friends that work at NTBI.  He met his nephew, Tiernan for the first time, who was born in May and he was able to visit, Ally, the dog that we gave to his sister Jessie.  Hopefully next time all four of us will be able to make it up to Michigan for a visit.  Here are some pictures of his trip.

Jed and Nate at the game, having the time of their lives. 

After the game Jed headed up to Grand Rapids to spend Sunday with Jessie, Nate, Sofia and Ally. 

They went to Meijer. Oh how I miss Meijer!  Jed bought me some Meijer cake because its my favorite cake in the world and he brought it back.  It was a little squashed but tasted amazing.  :)

Monday Jed headed back to Jackson to visit with his sister Missy and her family.  We havent seen the Hatton family in 2 years, Gianna (the little girl in the picture) was only 8 weeks old the last time we saw them.   I was so jealous that Jed got to meet little Tiernan before me!  Fortunately the Hattons are planning a visit to Florida around Christmas, yay! 
Well now that I have my camera back I'll try taking more pictures of our family.  Hopefully I'll take one of jed and I that I actually like but no promises. :)