Thursday, May 31, 2012

Guess What We Did Today!

3 Weeks Old

Yesterday Isla turned 3 weeks old, she also had her 2 week check up (postponed from last week due to our crazy schedule).  After losing weight at her very first appointment, dropping down to 6lbs 2oz, she is now a whopping 7lbs 11oz!  The constant feedings are paying off!  

Ford also had his 2 year appointment.  He is in the 54th percentile for height and 25th for weight!  Making him average height for US boys but a giant in our house!  So the doctor staring at her growth charts, not actually looking at my son, asked me if Ford was a good eater because she was kind of concerned about how far below his weight was from his height.  I reassured her that he's eating plenty and asked her how much he'd need to gain to bring his weight up to the 50th percentile.  Still staring at her chart she told me 4lbs.  I looked at Ford and started laughing.  She finally looked up at me and then Ford as I pointed out that the kid would look like the Stay Puffed Marshmallow man if he added that much weight to his frame!  She laughed too but quickly told me that "we'll just keep an eye on it".  Doctors. 

So despite my chubby but statistically fading away 2 year old, they're both healthy!  Yay! 

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Battle of the Bouncy Seat

Isla's first time in the bouncy seat. 
 She didn't hate it but prefers to be held.  

In protest she tried sucking her thumb, something she knows mommy and daddy are totally against.  

Fortunately for us, her eye hand coordination is still a little off. Where did that darn thumb go?!  

Not long after this she began screaming, we gave in and picked her up.  

Well played Isla, well played.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Can You Say "Ham"?

Kane sure can!  

Monday, May 28, 2012

4 Brothers and a Tree Frog

Big brother caught a tree frog.
 After much begging he gave little brother a turn holding it.
 Tree frogs jump!  
That was scary and fun! 
Tree frogs also crawl.
After much begging the little brother gives the littler brother a turn. 
 Littler brother is nervous and excited.
Littler brother warms up to tree frog.  
 Littler brother offers littlest brother a turn.  
You're crazy if you think I'm touching that thing!  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kindergarten Program

Seth's class put on a program earlier this week to show their parents what they learned this year.  They recited poetry, pledges, and the alphabet.  

It was too cute!  What was not cute was Kane and Ford's behavior.  I had hoped they would be entertained enough watching their brother that they'd sit quietly.  Unfortunately that was not the case.  Ford was ready for a nap and made that known by throwing multiple fits when asked to do anything.  Then he and Kane began blowing raspberries at each other. It was a scene and with Isla in my arms there really wasn't much I could do about it.  

Anyway, they also handed out memory books and a huge envelope filled with pictures of the year. It's nice to have a little glimpse into what went on while they were at school.  

In the memory books are funny quotes from the kids. One of Seth's quotes was from the day after Isla was born.  Seth pointing to May 9th on the calendar told his class, "Baby Isla will be born every year in May on this day!"  

Seth's class.  

Holy Moses

For the end of school program last night, the boy's school put on a play/musical.  

Usually only fifth graders and up get a part in the play (for maturity reasons) but they had a part that needed to be filled by someone small.

The director met with all the Kindergarteners (all 3 of them) and because Seth could follow instructions (the first time) he was given the part of Baby Moses!  We're so proud of him.  

Evan was in the choir and despite his momma's attempts at distracting him, to make him smile, he was focused on his lyrics and hand motions!  

All the kids did a fantastic job and it was a joy to watch!  

First and Last

Today was the last day of school!  I took pictures of the boys on their way out the door so I could see how they've changed since their first day.  

Seth on the first day of school. 

Seth on the last day of school! 

Evan on the first day of school.  

 Evan on the last day of school! 

Both on the first.

Both on the last day! 

 They must love each other more now because I only have pictures of them hugging on the last day of school. :)


 Group shot on the first.

 Group shot on the last.  Now Ford is old enough to join in, even if he really didn't want to and isn't dressed appropriately!  

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First Bath

In the midst of changing Isla's diaper this morning she peed.  

I'm used to boy's peeing mid diaper change so reflexively I gasped and shielded my face with my hands only to find that it wasn't shooting up so much as cascading down onto the changing table where it was conveniently absorbed by her onsie.  

She was soaked from her bum to her neck.  

Perfect reason to give her, her first real bath! 

The water startled her at first causing her to fuss but before I could comfort her, she had already calmed down and really seemed to like it.  I would almost swear at one point she sighed in enjoyment.

One thing is for sure, it tuckered her out! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hell Week

Surprisingly the title has very little to do with having a newborn!  This week is the last week of school for the boys, that means that the school is cramming final activities in like, well like its the end of the year.  Plus Jed went back to work today and I have doctor appointments for myself, Isla and Ford scheduled through out.  Ugh.  

I don't know who's more excited about summer break the kids or me! 

Although having a newborn makes things more complicated I couldn't ask for an easier baby!  She really only fusses when she's hungry or needs a diaper change.  She sleeps wonderfully at night waking up once between 11pm and 6am, she eats and goes back down without a problem.  Unlike her brothers she has taken to her pacifier happily, although I've caught her a couple times trying to suck her thumb and fingers.  

Thanks for being so awesome baby girl! 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baking Skillz

I love when Jed feels inspired to bake! 

It usually only happens when he's bored and considering right now he's taking care of me, the boys, our house and still working part time from home, he doesn't have time to be bored! Yet, somehow he found time to make this beauty.

 The cookie cake. 

 From the bottom to the top: layer 1, oreo cookie crumbs, layer 2, chocolate chip cookie dough, layer 3, oreo cookie  crumbs, layer 4, white cake, layer 5, oreo cookie crumbs.   


Also for mother's day he made me chocolate chip cookies with oreos in the middle.  They were divine!  

Thank you babe!  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Newborn Survival: Nights

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Due Date

Today Isla is 6 days old and officially "due".
I'm so glad that I'm not still pregnant but am holding my sweet daughter in my arms!

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Isla's Birth Story

I woke up at 5:15am with my first contraction. Due to previous false labor I barely made a mental note of the time before rolling over and trying to go back to sleep.

However the next two were 4 minutes apart and then dropped to 2 minutes.

I got up, brushed my teeth and made Evan's lunch still able to function through each contraction.

One hit that I had to stop to breath through and I decided to wake Jed up.

I went to into our room to gently wake Jed up only to have him surprise me by throwing his blanket off and jumping up.  He had been awake, waiting for me so he could startle me.

A little after 6am I called the birthing center to tell them that I was in labor. I talked to the midwife on call, Zoe, who told me to meet her there in 30 minutes.

 Another contraction hit me that caused a flashback to previous births.  While we waited for Jay to arrive to watch the boys, I sat down on the stairs and started panicking.  I had been praying since I got up and most of my prayers were either, "God please help me." or "God I have faith that you're in control and will get me through whatever I'm about to go through."  I was now saying things like, "I can't do this God, make labor stop because I'm not ready." and "Why are You letting this happen to me?"

Pretty quickly, I realized God wasn't planning on stopping labor so I decided to plead with my husband instead.  I begged him to take me to the hospital instead of birthing center because if I was going to do this I at least needed an epidural.  I was loosing it.  Fortunately Jed was levelheaded enough to refuse.

As a wave of hysteria threatened to overwhelm me, I begged God for strength and peace and immediately the wave subsided.  I knew then that I would endure this pain but that God would get me through it.

Jay came over to take the first babysitting shift with the boys.  Joy would come over later when Jay had to go to work.

We drove to the center, the contractions were way worse when I was sitting down than standing so the drive was torture at times.  I remember calling my mom but not much of what was said and I also remember my husband saying, "Look at all those alligators in the lake this morning."  That's when I told him to shut it, stop looking at the scenery and drive faster.  I wasn't in the best place at that moment.

We arrived at 6:50, I was checked as soon as we got there and was dilated to 5/6. I also found out that Isla was "sunny side up", meaning she was facing my front rather than my back.  This is not the optimum position for labor, apparently it causes back labor and it can slow down the pushing phase.  Although I wasn't noticing much back labor the news was discouraging.

We moved into a birthing room and the bath was started immediately.

 I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to get in the bath.  When I finally got in it felt really good but it only lasted a little while.  I had a few really bad, transition type contractions and then my hands began tingling.  It was time to get out.

I really thought I had a long way to go but once I was out of the tub I had a few more contractions while standing up and found myself pushing without realizing it.

Zoe suggested we check my cervix so we did I was complete! However I didn't feel ready to lay down and push, the pain when I was laying was so much worse than when I was standing.  I got up and continued laboring while standing, using Jed to hold onto during each contraction.

 I went to the bathroom and before I could stand up another one hit and my water broke well, more like it exploded (I literally jumped and gasped when it happened), into the toilet.  I was pretty excited, I figured I'd start pushing soon and have a baby in the next half hour to an hour.

I still didn't want to lay down so I pushed while standing for the next 2 contractions.  The last one I felt the "ring of fire" as they call it.  I didn't have time to register what that meant as my body began to shake and I suddenly felt like I couldn't stand anymore.  I turned and flopped myself gently onto the bed.

Zoe began to prepare for the baby but I told her that she could relax, I always had to push for a long time.

Then a couple things happened, Zoe was checking for Isla's heartbeat and couldn't find it.  A contraction hit, I heard someone else say, "Should I get oxygen?"  Zoe was telling me that I had to roll over onto my left side  and at the same time was pushing me over.  I told her I needed to push, she told me I needed to wait for the babies sake.

She found the heartbeat and everything calmed down.  I asked if I could push on the next contraction she said yes but we'd have to roll over onto my side again as soon as it was over.  I agreed.

The next contraction hit I pushed and to my complete surprise her head popped out.  I took a tiny breath, pushed again and out came her shoulders.  I heard Jed gasp and felt her tiny warm body on my stomach.

I couldn't believe it!  I just kept thanking God that it was over.

Her umbilical cord was short like Ford's so Jed had to cut it so I could pull her up to my chest.

Unfortunately I didn't get to feed her right away as it was decided that I needed a couple sutures. The trade off for such a fast birth I guess.  The last time I had stitches was over seven years ago with Evan's birth!  It wasn't that bad though, in fact a bit later it was decided that I was borderline bleeding too heavily and as a precaution I was given a shot of pitocin which was way more painful, I think I might have even cussed!

Before heading home we had her newborn exam which by the way she passed with flying colors.  And of course the all important stats;

Weight: 6lbs 8oz
Length: 18 1/2 inches
Born at 8:35am

She's healthy and perfect!

Since this is already a book of an entry I'll write about the boy's reactions to meeting their baby sister in another post.

Monday, May 14, 2012

5 Days Old!

She's fitting in nicely around here!  

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