Friday, March 4, 2011

1 Little 2 Little...

Most married couples get a lot of questions about their fertility.
If you don't have any kids, you're constantly asked when you will have a kid.

If you only have one you're asked when you'll give that child a sibling.

If you have 2 kids and they're the same gender then you're asked when you'll try for the opposite gender.

If you have 3 kids you're told to stop having kids and get fixed. Which isn't really a question but you know, the other questions aren't usually questions either they're more suggestions.

And if you happen to have 4 or more kids people stare at you like you're crazy and ask you if they're all yours.

The questions never really end and I dont really mind them even when they're meant as suggestions. Its only when the person is being out right rude that I take offense but even then they have a right to their opinion just as I do.

All that to say, Jed and I both appreciate this article on birth control. I decided after Seth that I wouldn't be going back on hormonal birth control. For now its breast feeding, barrier methods and keeping track of my cycle. When we decide that our "covenantal hands are quite full" we'll go with sterilization.


Robin said...

I am the mother of seven sweet blessings. The comments never stop. Blessings on your journey.

Laine said...

You have a lovely family, Robin! Thanks for commenting!

Samantha said...

I found your blog through another one, but I can't be too sure which one! I love how adorable your family is. We are trying for another child and plan on letting what happens happen. We would love to have many, but whatever God has in store will be just fine =]