Friday, March 18, 2011

Life's Not Fair

Last year when Evan was in preschool, he'd bring home projects he had done, or talked about painting that day or showed us the prize he had won from the prize box for good behavior. Seth rarely ever showed jealousy over the situation but a kid can only take so much, I mean Evan got to do a lot of cool stuff. After the whining died down I'd remind Seth that he needed to be happy for his brother, who had waited 4 years to go to preschool and that one day Sethy would have his turn and he didn't want Evan or Kane to be upset with him. He'd apologize to Evan and for the most part was a really good sport.

This fall I was so excited for him to start preschool. Unfortunately the way the schedule worked out he'd have to have a different teacher than Evan had but I wasnt too worried how different could things be?! Very, very different it seems. No prize box for good behavior was the first thing we discovered. Seth was disappointed but didn't complain. I figured it wasn't a big deal either because Seth is more of a free spirit than Evan and now the pressure to perform was off. Besides I knew he'd shine in the arts and crafts! So I was kind of confused when I asked him everyday after school if he had painted and he said no. I think Evan painted on the first day of preschool the year before. I decided to be patient. Finally, a month in, they sent home a piece of copy paper with scribbled crayon on it that the teacher wrote, "bouncy ball" next to. I was baffled. A few more lack luster projects were sent home and I got annoyed. I talked to Seth about it and he really didn't care, he loves his teacher and his friends (although he did mention he'd like to paint a bit more). So I let it go.

Sometimes life isn't fair. (Seth top, Evan bottom) Character is more important.

Thanks for having such a great attitude Sethy!

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