Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby Kane

6lbs 8oz!
Born at 7:40am
Already loves his daddy!
Heading home at 11am!  Woohoo!
What he's been doing all day. :)
I just wanted to do a quick announcement post.  I'll probably do a more indepth entry once we've all recovered a bit more.  


Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Zoo First

For the first time ever Evan and I went to the zoo just the two of us (my mom stayed home with Seth)!  I thought I should try to do something special with each of the boys individually before Kane comes, I'll take Seth out either today or tomorrow.  Evan and I had such a good time.  I just kind of followed Evan wherever he wanted to go only making a few suggestions here and there.  We stood and watched the animals for as long as he wanted and then moved on to the next one he wanted to see.  We finally found the reptile house and spent about a half hour looking at all the exhibits (its not a big place so we looked at things again and again and again).   After we had finished with the snakes I suggested we go look at the aligators and crocodiles but Evan had made up his mind that he was ready to go "swimming".   We took the most direct route over to the splash zone.  I sat in a lounge chair while he ran in and out of water fountains until he was too exhausted to go anymore.  He came over and colapsed in the chair next to me so we headed home.  Unfortunately I forgot an extra change of clothes (he wore his bathing suit to the zoo) so he rode home naked.  He thought it was hilarious, so did I. :)  
The snack shop had some cool toys to play with. 
Evan loved the water!
Jed and I were at the store last night when my hip "gave out" several times.  This has happened before (its pregnancy related) and as long as I adjust my posture it usual resolves itself but not yesterday.  No matter what I did it continued to give out with almost every step.   I ended up not being able to walk out to the van, Jed had to come pick me up.  After resting for a few hours it was a little better although it still randomly gave out from time to time.   I was hoping a good nights sleep would help but I woke up this morning with horrible hip and lower back pain.  Its a constant ache that will not go away no matter what position I'm in.  I took a hot shower this morning which helped a little but not much.  My body is falling apart, this kid better come soon!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No Baby Yet

We keep hoping everyday though.  Here's a quick list of stuff that's been going on with us lately,

-My mom moved to Florida last week.  She's staying with us right now to help when the baby arrives and once everything is settled she'll start job/apartment hunting.  

- After over a month of searching on Craigslist for a cheap freezer with no luck we had given up and were planning on going to Sam's on Saturday to buy a new one (at full price, yuck).  On Saturday morning Jed checked Craigslist one more time and found a 1 year old freezer for $60 (less than half the regular price) in perfect condition! 

-On two different nights last week I was woken up by painful contractions.  Both times the contractions would die down after about 2 hours, very disappointing! 

-My mom and I went to Orlando on Sunday and had brunch with my sister at a trendy restaurant downtown.  The food was awesome, I had a yummy Belgian waffle with fresh fruit! 

-I've been eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches almost everyday which is a new craving for me.

-I've discovered a couple of new blogs that I've been enjoying when I cant sleep at night.,,

- There are baby frogs everywhere!  Apparently all the rain we've had recently has been optimal weather for frog reproduction.  Today I was outside and noticed our garage door was covered in lots of tiny frogs.   The boys are thrilled! 

-Seth is fully potty trained on the regular potty in the bathroom.  We can now officially put the little potty away until its Kane's turn! 

-Did you know that there are tons of options for cloth diapering?  Prefolds, Pocket, All in One, One size fits all, ect.   Its been overwhelming trying to figure out what kind of cloth diapering I wanted to do!   I've spent countless hours researching, how each kind works, how much it costs, how convenient it is and so on.   I found a website with the best deal on the kind of diapers I've decided to use and now I just have to place my order.  I think I'll finally do that tomorrow although I'm contemplating waiting until after I have Kane so I will have a better idea how big he is and if I should just skip the newborn size.  We'll see. 

-On Friday Jed left work a little early (he went in early so he left early, his work isn't very strict about hours as long as you get in 40) which sparked the rumor that I had gone into labor and had the baby.   It spread all over the company, all the way over to the branch in Europe!  When Jed showed up to work yesterday his boss asked him what the heck he was doing there!  Jed had to spend most of the morning sorting out the rumor and reassuring his coworkers that I hadn't had the baby yet.

- I bought a non-maternity shirt at Target on Saturday!  It was on sale for $4 and it was so cute that I couldn't pass it up.  I'm so excited to start wearing regular clothes again.

- Evan's decided recently that he hates bedtime, not that he's ever liked bedtime but now he actually puts up a fight.  We announce that its bedtime and he protest, "I don't want to go to bed."  When we tell him he doesn't have a choice in the matter he then goes to excuses and its so funny (at least to us)!  He slumps over and says while pouting, "Mommy, I'm too tired to walk to my room, I cant go to bed."   It makes me chuckle every single time.  I wonder when he'll figure out that he's not making a very good case to stay up any later!?! 

Well, I'm going to go try to get some sleep since I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open now.   Maybe my next post will be about the newest member of our family! 

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ultrasound #2

I've never seen an ultrasound this far along before!  It was amazing.  He has such chubby cheeks and pouty lips its so cute!   The Tech took some measurements and according to those he's somewhere around 6lbs, already!  Thats bigger than Evan (5lbs 12oz) when he was born!   He only has to gain 3 more ounces to be bigger than Seth and he still has 4 more weeks to grow! 

 If I make it to October 11th or beyond he could very well be an 8lb baby or bigger!  Although its a little intimidating thinking about trying to birth a baby that large, its harder to imagine another 2lbs of child inside of me.  I'm already so uncomfortable and feel maxed out so...  I just hope his lungs mature quickly and he's ready to be born sooner rather than later.   I was 16 days early with Evan and 11 days early with Seth so that gives me some hope.  We shall see, two of my friends have put in birthday guess' on Oct 4th and Oct 6th.  If anyone else wants to take a stab, either comment here or email me and I will announce who was the closest after he's born.  

Last night I dyed my hair, black.  It was not completely intentional.  Since having Evan I've discovered my hair is going grey.  There are patches here and there which drives me nuts.  So in the past I've tried to dye my hair to cover it up and I always try to go a bit darker than my natural hair color but for some reason it never turns out.  I buy the darkest, brown colorant that is sold and some how my hair either comes out lighter or the exact same and lots of the greys are still grey!   So we were at Target last night, I came acrossed a sale on some hair dye, I almost bought a dark brown again and then I found something else.  A box that claimed that if I only left it in for a certain amount of time it wouldn't go completely black, just very dark brown.  I decided to give it a shot, oh well, if it doesnt work and I look like a goth kid, it'll eventually grow out or I'll have it fixed.   Well, I do in fact look like a goth kid, with my pale white skin and jet black, curly hair.  Maybe I'll buy some black jeans and shirts and start wearing heavy black eyeliner, it could be a new look for me! lol

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Should Be Sleeping..

...but RLS strikes again.  These days I dont even try to fight it I just get up and get on the computer.  So, I thought I'd at least do something productive tonight, post pictures from our family photo shoot at the park yesterday!  
Family pics9

Family pics4
I think he spotted a squirrel.  On the way to the park they decided they were going to catch one and bring it home.   Good luck boys, good luck. 
Family pics6
Seth tickling putting his arm around Evan.
Family pics11
Hmmm, do you think this grass tastes any better than the grass at home?  
Family pics7

Family pics13
Pre-Kane family photo! 
Well, it didnt go exactly how we planned.  The boys were not very cooperative, Jed was using our new camera that he's not familiar with yet so he had to do a lot of tinkering with the settings and I started having braxton hicks contractions as soon as we got there.   However we got some good pictures and I feel like its one more thing I can check off the list before Kane arrives!   

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Apparently this is the only color that exists in Seth's world.  I've attempted on many occasions to teach Seth his colors but have had zero luck.  A few weeks ago he finally showed a little interest so this is how our "lesson" went:
We're looking at his place mat at the dinner table with different shapes and colors on it.
Seth: "Whats that?"
Me: "A Blue square."
Seth: "Yes!"
Me: "Seth, you say it, blue square."
Seth: "Bue scare."
Me: "Good!  So, what color is it?"  Pointing again to the blue square.
Seth: "GREEN!"
It doesnt matter how many times I tell him the actual color of the object, its always green!   For a little while Jed and I were convinced he was colorblind but then I tried letters and numbers, all letters are "H" and all numbers are "3".   I also found a game online to play with the boys that has them sort things by color and he plays the game perfectly.  That eliminated the colorblind theory so my new thought is that unlike his older brother Seth doesnt feel the need to "perform".   I'm used to Evan who loves to impress us with his accomplishments but Seth just expects us to be impressed with, well, Seth.  And of course we are! (I dont know if his future teachers will feel the same way though. :))  It amazes me how different my two little boys are, sometimes they seem like polar opposites.  It makes me wonder how Kane is going to fit in, who will he be more like?  Or is there a whole other direction he could go in and he wont be like either Evan or Seth?  I cant imagine but I'm looking forward to finding out. 
In pregnancy news, I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday.   Everything is looking good!  Kane is looking to be a lot bigger than either of his brothers!  Yikes!  At my last ultrasound he was in a breech position so even though we know that he's head down now, we still have to have another ultrasound for insurance purposes.   I'm not complaining, I cant wait to see him again!  I just have to call and make the appointment. 

Monday, September 8, 2008

Circles and Nursery

Last week I painted Kane's room.   I spent Thursday night after the boys went to bed painting.   Friday morning when Evan got up he went right for the room to see what I had done and dramatically proclaimed, "Mommy, you paint circles!  Bown and white ones!  I LOVE IT!"  He begged to go in and touch them so I let him and the next thing I know he's licking them, apparently they look pretty tastey. :)  Now we periodically visit Kane's room to look at, touch, but not lick, the brown and white circles.
We still have a lot of work we want to do but at least we have the essentials done!  Kane can come anytime now and he has a place to sleep! :) 

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We had a great weekend.  Jed took Friday off making the long weekend even longer!   The highlights were spending Friday and Saturday relaxing around the house, I napped a lot.  Sunday we headed out to the beach for the day.  Jay and Jamie had a condo right on the water for the weekend so we hung out with them.   Due to all the crazy weather in our area, the surf was pretty rough but that didnt stop the boys from having a blast.  It was so nice being able to get a real shower and put on fresh clothes before having to go home.  
Yesterday we went bowling with some friends.  It was the first time Evan or Seth have been bowling.  Being as pregnant as I am I didnt think it would be a good idea to bowl so I focused on helping the kids.  I would carry the ball to the lane and then let the boys push it down.   They were so busy celebrating their accomplishment of just pushing the ball that they wouldnt even notice if they knocked any pins down!  After two games everyone but Evan had lost interest.   He would have kept bowling all night!  We'll definitely have to go back sometime.
They were amazed by the ball return.
Our little bowler!  Eventually Evan realized he didnt need my help anymore and would get his ball, walk it to the lane and push it all by himself! 
Seth mooched some popcorn off of someone and was completely content to sit back and watch his brother while stuffing his face. :)