Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dinner On The River

There are a few restaurants in our area on the river.  They are quickly becoming our favorite places to eat out! 

Back To Co-op

After a semester break we're back!  Originally I enrolled Ford in karate but it turned out he was too young so I switched him into a hands on Science class.  I was worried he would be upset but he absolutely loves it!  

Kane is taking karate and thriving!  I considered putting him in a more academic class but then I tried to imagine him sitting through it for an hour and well I couldn't put the teacher through that.  

Seth is taking a hands on language arts class. 

Evan is taking karate and hands on science.   
Ford and his school bag! 

 Suckers from snack shop, possibly their favorite thing about co-op.

Chilling during karate class. 

We found the nursery this year.  Isla is in heaven! Toys, toys, toys! 

 Kane and Evan in karate! 

Pizza day! 

 The kids always sleep really well after school! 

I think its going to be a good semester!