Friday, March 4, 2011

This blog has been hijacked!!!

I am hijacking this blog to tell you how wonderful my wife is. This day eight years ago, we were married and started this journey! Laine is certainly not the same women I married eight years ago. The past eight years have transformed her into the most lovely women, and most nurturing mother. She is so amazing with our boys, and her patience with me is mind blowing! It is really hard to describe in words how great Laine is, as well as how much she means to me.
Our culture today, throws around words like awesome, love, amazing.... so much that they kind of loose their punch. I guess I will have to make up my own word. I choose supamazinultralove.
Laine I am so glad we have stuck together all these years, I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!


Laine said...

I love you too! :)

Shannon said...

You guys are the sweetest couple. It is so great to see your love for each other and your boys. I always feel like a creeper reading your stuff, but your very good at your writing. Even the hacker did well.
Let's do dinner soon.
Love, Shannon

Laine said...

Thank you Shannon and I definitely dont think you're a "creeper" at all! If anything I'm the weird one for posting this stuff publicly! :) We'd love to do dinner! Maybe we can get a babysitter so we could go out?!