Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Seth's First Tooth

He had been working on this tooth for a few weeks! We even tried the string and door trick to get it out but the string came off of his tooth.  

Finally after I tucked him into bed, he came running downstairs with his tooth in his hands.  We put it in an envelope and then under his pillow!  

Happy boy!  You can already see the permanent tooth coming in!  

He got $1 which he was quick to put in his piggy bank, smart boy! 

Now were waiting on Evan's top two wiggly teeth!  

Isla and Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I'm going to eat you!! 

 Hehehe, I ate it! 

Urp, excuse me. 

I want... 

 more chocolate!  
No seriously, where's my chocolate. 

Now that's more like it! 

 It's so yummy! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Another Week

Of lunch monitoring!

While it's not my favorite week (due to missing naps) it certainly is the kid's!  
I can't blame them!    

Our first day it rained so we had lunch inside so of course this happened. 

Then some kind of leap frog/ crab walk thing happened.  

That blur would be Ford. 

Day two was a chilly hour outside.  Really mom, another day with these crazy kids? 

Dodge ball time baby!

Isla and Julia 

If you look closely you'll see the kid in the background that's climbing the tree with a rope.  

And here's one trying to get to the roof. Yeah, they kept me busy. 
Giving Fordy a ride! 

Adorable Callie! 

Mom, can we do this again next week?  

Um... no! Is it nap time yet?!  


(I'm not doing a good job of keeping up on my blogging right now, between school obligations, a cranky teething baby and family visiting I'm struggling but I hope to get caught up soon and get back at it!)

We went on our final planned camping trip for the winter at Rodman State Park. 

High lights: 
discovering Ravine Garden's State Park,
 my first time cooking shepherd's pie over the fire,
 letting the three older boys shoot soda cans with a bb gun,
 the stars, 
the quiet,
being able to collect fallen limbs and pine cones for firewood, 
the cardinals that were flirting with one another in the trees behind our campsite,
finding that a ball tied to a string and hung from a tree could entertain a fussy baby for at least an hour,
the bathrooms are new, emaculate and featured a heat lamp in the shower area! 

Low lights: 
Palatka (its so run down it's depressing)
the biting no-see-ums, 
the dam at "the deuces" wasn't drawn down so the beach and drift wood were under water, 
the campground lost power in the middle of the night and of course it was the coldest night of our stay!

On to the pictures,


"Mom I'm starving!" 

Cooking for a family of 7! 

Mornings in the camper look like this. 


Evan's favorite bird! 

The baby is content, YES!

A walk through the woods with four goofballs! 

Hills are a big deal for Floridian boys! If possible they climb it! 

We hiked the Azalea trail. 

Group pic of our little hikers.

Our littlest hiker! 

Suspension bridge! 

I want one of these in our backyard, ahem, Jed, ahem. 

The crew. 

We found a park. 

Isla's loves slides. 

She's not as fond of rocking fire trucks with her brothers. 

Recovering from an adventuresome morning! 

How does he sleep like that? 

Walking to the boat launch to watch the sunset!