Sunday, January 20, 2008


On the coldest weekend we've had all year we decided to drive three hours north west to go camping!   We were just too excited about our new camper not to go so on the first night we endured temps below freezing.  It wasnt too bad with the camper heater plus the space heater we brought with.  Instead of spending the first evening hanging out by the camp fire we locked ourselves in the camper to read and hang out as a family and instead of getting up early in the morning on the second day and hanging out by the camp fire we again stayed in the camper.  Finally around 11am I ventured out taking the boys on a hike.  We explored a dried up river bed and then had lunch.  The second night was still pretty cold but we were able to spend some time by the fire roasting marshmellows.  Sunday was a very nice day so we went on a long hike to the Suwannee River, it was beautiful!  In the afternoon it rained so we played some dominos before going to bed.  Monday we went on a hike and then packed up to head home.  I was very excited to get home because we had left Kane with my mom due to the chilly weather.  It was nice to be able to focus so much of our attention on Evan and Seth but I really missed my baby! 
The boys on a hike.
Dried up river bed.
Me and Seth climbing on a log, you just cant see the log...
Silly boy.
Sethy and Uncle Jay on a walk.
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The balancing rock.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Before I was pregnant with Kane my average weight was 110lbs.  In the hopes that I can get back down to around that weight we're getting back into our "diet" here in the Cusi house.  I have to say that until the last month of my pregnancy I was eating very healthy but as I got bigger and bigger, more and more uncomfortable, sweets were my favorite way to distract myself.  :)  Then after Kane was born, I just didn't have the time or the energy to prepare healthy meals or snacks so I grabbed what I could when I could.  And of course the holidays and traveling didn't help.  So when we got home from up north we pledge to get into phase one of the South Beach diet to drop some weight.  Well, first our neighbor shows up on our doorstep with chocolates and fudge which of course we had to try!  Then life got very busy.  Jed has been working hard to clean up our camper, I've been putting Christmas decorations away and cleaning up the house and we've had company drop by a couple of times.  Before I knew it, it was Thursday and I still hadn't gone grocery shopping!  Anyway, I've been on a modified version of phase 1 and I've lost 3 pounds already.  I'm quite pleased but my goal is not so much a weight as it is being able to get into my pre-pregnancy clothes.  So for the time being, I'm eating lots of low fat meat and cheese's, salad, veggies, and eggs.  I sneak a piece of chocolate, a whole wheat cracker or a banana here and there.  I'll do this until next friday and then I'll go back to a mix of good carbs and low fat foods.  I'm gonna miss Skittles! :) 
On an unrelated note here are some pictures:
Kane's new favorite place to hang out is in his exersaucer.  He loves being able to stand up and the toys are very entertaining.   By the way does he look like he might have red hair to you?  In some pictures he looks like that to me, its freaking me out! :)
Look at how chubby he is!  I love it! Roll after roll after roll. :)
I love his smile in this one.
I went to put Kane down for a nap today and this is what I found.  This is just one of the many places I'm surprised to find Church on any given day.  A few days ago I had left one of my dresser drawers open a bit and he had made himself quite comfortable on top of my tshirts.
Ok, so Jed and I are having a disagreement and I asked him if he minded if I post about it on my blog and he said it was fine so here goes...  Before Christmas Jed found the above light switch covers on sale at Lowes and brought them home for the kitchen.  Usually my husband has good taste and we're in agreement about decor but this time I'm sorry, this is HIDEOUS!  We have been arguing about it and he thinks I'm over reacting but I really really don't.  So what do you think?  Jed never reads the comments and I wont be upset so feel free to be as open as you want.