Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Black Eye

On Father's Day we went to a park to play and take pictures.  With in minutes of arriving, while I was getting my camera out of the, Kane managed to give himself an epic black eye.  

He climbed the stairs to the top of a slide, slipped and caught himself with his eye.  

So this is within minutes afterwards. He was a mess for a few minutes but pulled it together pretty quickly but not before doing this... 

Itchy nose!  Made me laugh so I had to share! 

Grimace for the camera boys! :) 

A few hours after we got home. He's quite proud of it! 

This wasn't Kane's first black eye rodeo! Check him out at 2!  He put a plastic kiddie chair on our futon,  proceeded to bounce on it, falling and whacking his eye on one of the posts. 
Look at that cute little baby Kane! I miss those chubby cheeks! 

Day two.  Not completely swollen shut! Yay! 

Day 3! A black eye is going to slow him down from paper sliding! 

A week later on our way to North Carolina! The swelling is all but gone and it's starting to turn green! 

He has examines his eye daily, yesterday while doing so, he yelled out, "MY BLACK EYE IS GONE!  WHO WANTS TO PUNCH ME SO I CAN HAVE ANOTHER ONE?!" 

This kid is the reason I have gray hair.  

Baby Corn

Our kids love corn on the cob!  

Some of my more dramatic children felt the need to act this love out for Jed and me, turning their corn into swaddled babies that they snuggled and cared for.  Other children jumped on the bandwagon and this is what I ended up with...

Things quickly spiraled into a strange and unexpected attachment to the vegetables and "Corn is so delicious!" turned into, "You can't cook my corn, its my baby, I. LOVE. IT!"  
It got weird. 

Evan wasn't as emotionally invested but stood with his brothers.  

Just because I didn't get a picture of him, don't think that Kane wasn't fully involved in these shenanigans, he was one of the ring leaders.  I think he was hiding his corn from me at this point.  

Anyway, I convinced them to put their corn down to "rest" and I put it in the fridge.  You know what they say, "out of sight, out of mind", a couple days later they happily ate their corn babies for dinner. 

During our meal, I considered shouting, "What kind of corn fathers are you?" But I was pretty sure Ford would cry.  

We're freaks. 

The End. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Homemade Volcano

Kane is still very interested in volcanoes.  I wouldn't say it's something that he thinks about all the time but it's always on the back burner.  

When we're chatting about something and it would seem the conversation is coming to a close, "Mom, can you tell me about Volcanoes?!"  When we're watching an funny or educational youtube video, "Mom, can we watch one about hot lava next?"  When we talk about a country or state that I've told him has volcanoes in it, "Mom, they have volcanoes dont they? How do people, ya know, not get burned?"  

So Jed decided to make Kane and his brothers their very own volcano!  

Daddy is the best! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


One of the highlights of this summer has been attending our city's summer, college, baseball league games!  

Admission is inexpensive and they usually have games 2-3 times a week, so Jed's been taking the boys about once a week!  

I've only attended 2 games, for two reason, first being this,
second being, after so long watching any sport, I start to feel the way Isla looks in the above photo...  I'm usually able to control myself a little better, thankfully! 

Our boys love it though!  Evan is a HUGE sports fan. If his brothers didn't bother him, he'd sit quietly through every game. 

Seth likes the games but he's also into the whole atmosphere, people, cheering and of course food! 

These two are in it for the popcorn, soda and free souvinours that are tossed out.

Baseball spoils!    

They're even learning how to share! 

Maybe next year we'll go to more games, or maybe we'll let the boys go and we'll find girly things to do! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Vacation pt. 4: Time Spent in the Backyard!

Most mornings we spent running around but the afternoons were for naps and the backyard! 

We caught, 

Crayfish (or crawfish) 

And trout! 

The boys walked across fallen trees and

balanced on small rocks. 

They used water bottles as makeshift boats to race. 

The big boys pretended to be penguins at the bottom of the falls. 

The boys found that the rocks made a great slide! 


Ford was a little wary at first of climbing the big rocks, thus spending most of his time in the pools. 

But with a little coaxing from mom and moral support from his brother he eventually began adventuring past the water at the bottom! 

I got this mom! 

Kane wanted me to document his rock jumping skills.  

Surrounded by water! 

While the little guys napped I read to the big boys on a boulder. 

I think this is how the Chronicles of Narnia were meant to be read! 

Testing the waters. 

Our final night we ate dinner out on the rocks, next to the falls.  We could not have asked for a better location!