Monday, August 28, 2006


My sister in law, Becky and her family are visiting with us this week.  They got here Saturday afternoon and are staying with us until Thursday.  Thursday night we're all planning on driving up to Tennessee to meet Jed's parents for Labor Day weekend.  Right now we're watching Hurricane Ernesto to see if its going to ruin our plans.  Last night it was expected to directly hit us on Thursday night but now it might go right of us and come earlier.  Basically we have no idea what its going to do and we just have to wait it out. 
The kids are having a blast together.  Taylor and Haley have discovered how to play hide and seek with our dog Gwen and Evan follows the girls around laughing.  He thinks they're so entertaining.  We went swimming yesterday.  Taylor and I practiced our jumps into the pool, it was fun trying to teach Taylor how to dive and flip into the pool.   
 Haley, Maggie and Taylor
Evan giving Maggie a little hug. 

Monday, August 21, 2006


This weekend, Jed, Jay and their friend Sam, rented Harley's.  They were out all day, Saturday, riding around, unfortunately Sam's bike broke down and they had to wait 2 hours for Sam to get a replacement bike.  Jed finally got home around 10:30pm, he was covered in disgusting road grime, I sent him right to the shower.  Sunday after church Joy babysat the boys while Jay, Jamie, Jed and I went for a ride.  We were out for about 4 hours and at the end of the ride I was in so much pain I could barely walk.  I was sitting on a peice of foam about 1 inch think on a metal fender, I felt every bump!  I'm still sore today.  It was fun though, Jed had a little street bike when we were dating and this weekend reminded me of those days.   

 These two pictures were before our ride on Sunday.  Evan is a little too young to go on a ride but he thought daddy was so cool on the Harley. 
 Daddy and Seth bonding.
Seth and I did a little photo shoot this weekend. 

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Russ Cutler, a good friend of Jed from NTBI, and his girlfriend, Michelle came to visit this weekend.   Russ use to live in Missouri but moved to Miami last week to go to air traffic control school.   Russ and Michelle drove up here Friday afternoon and we had dinner with them and another mutual friend, Brant Crane and his fiance.   After dinner we all went bowling but I had to leave early to pick up Evan and Seth from the babysitter.   It was a lot of fun reminiscing about bible school days. 

Today the guys played PS2 all morning. 

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Evan wanted to try on my glasses.

Monday, August 7, 2006

Hawks, Apartments and Eczema

This weekend we went to Orlando to see Tracy's apartment.  Its really cute and Evan loved it because its carpetted and wide open.    We left the boys with tracy and her room mate and went downtown for dinner.   We walked around a bit and had dinner at a trendy restuarant on Wall st.  We saw a hawk attack and kill a  pigeon right infront of us which was pretty cool. 

 Earlier that day we went to the mall and bought Evan some footy pjs so he couldnt scratch at his feet anymore.   After only 2 nights with the pjs his eczema is looking a lot better. 
After we put him in his new pajamas he layed down on the floor and pretended to go to sleep, it was so cute. 

Friday, August 4, 2006


Seth woke up this morning with a very bad cough.  I was holding him while he was coughing and he started gagging and then choking, he turned bright red so I patted him on the back and he threw up all over me.   It wasnt like regular spit up because I can handle that, this was thick, gross smelling, chunky throw up.   I had to strip our bed, change my clothes, and change seth.  Once that was all cleaned up I went to get Evan out of bed.  Evan has eczema all over his body which is very itchy so we have to put him to bed as clothed as possible, onsie, pants and socks.  Well he got his socks off last night and scratched the tops of his feet until they bled.  Also he must of had too much juice yesterday because his diaper had leaked so his sheets were soaked.  I got Evan out of bed, stripped him and his crib down and threw him in the bath tub.  Then on top of that our internet and our home phone werent working.  We dont get cell phone service inside our house so I have to go out by the pool to make phone calls.  I called Jed and told him that the internet wasnt working and he came home on his lunch break and got it running again.  Thanks babe! 

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Recently Seth has stopped sleeping through the night.  He gets up at least once and sometimes twices.  Jed and I are very tired and I feel bad for Evan because I dont have energy during the day to keep up with him.  Well hopefully its just a growth spurt and he'll start sleeping through the night again soon.