Friday, June 22, 2012

Snap Shots of Summer

With plenty of appointments and lots of other errands to run Isla is getting plenty of use out of her car seat.  This look of disgust pretty much sums up her feelings about it.  

Knowing how much work it is for me to get Isla and Ford ready when we need to leave the house, the older boys took it upon themselves to help Ford put his sandals on.  Thank you Evan and Seth!  

Speaking of shoes... I bought these for Evan less than 6 months ago. Thank goodness its flip flop season!  

We have discovered that our community playground floods whenever it rains.  Summer is our rainy season so I guess we wont be going to the park very often. 

Which is really too bad because Ford was just beginning to master his rock climbing skills! 

Oh well I guess he'll have to find other ways to entertain himself, like dressing up as daddy! 

The big boys are all about experimenting in the kitchen.  

I've been baking too!  Delicious whole wheat strawberry bread with chocolate chips! Yum!

We love summer! 

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