Sunday, June 10, 2012


Kane: "Momma, can I have breakfast?" 

Me: "Yes, there's a poptart in the kitchen with your name on it." 

Kane: (runs off to the kitchen and about 30 seconds pass) *whimper, sniff, sniff, whimper*

Me: (walk into the kitchen to see whats wrong) "Kane why aren't you eating your breakfast?"

Kane: (pulling out the most pathetic pouty voice) "Momma, there's no name on this poptart." *sob*

Me: "Sweetheart I was just kidding about the name on your poptart, its an expression.  You can still eat it."

Kane: "Are you sure it's mine?" *whimper sniff*

Me: "Yes."

Kane: "Well can you get a pen from daddy's desk and write my name on it so everybody knows that its mine, puh-leeeease?" *sniff, sniff*

Me: "Uh... no."

Kane: "Why?!" *whine*

Me: "Because we don't eat pen ink and it would be gross. Just eat your poptart sweetie."

Kane: "Oh." (cheerfully takes a huge bite of poptart)

In other news, Isla literally turned 1 month old yesterday! 

And she literally wore her first ever dress! I would have put her in one much sooner but she's just finally growing into it!  

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