Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

1. What is daddy's name?
E. Jed Nicholas 
S. Jed
K. Dad.

2. What does dad do at work?
E. He makes money.
S. Works hard to get money.
K. He works bery hard.

3. What does dad do at home?
E. Works on his computer.
S. Works on his computer
K. He makes dinner with mommy.

4. What are dad’s favorite sports?
E. Soccer and Football and Racing
S. Football and Soccer
K. Sports in the snow.

5. What does daddy like to watch on TV?
E. Race cars and Golf and Football
S. Sports, race cars.
K.Grown up shows.

5. What does daddy do after you go to bed?
E. He watches TV
S. Eats ice cream on a stick.
K. Watches a grown up show.

6. What does daddy like to eat?
E. Jello and Chicken
S. Donuts, ice cream on a stick, and watermelon
K. Pizza, spaghetti, sandwiches, carrots and that's it.

7. Does daddy like to clean the house?
E. Nope
S. Yes
K. Yes inside and outside!

8. How old is daddy?
E. 33 years old
S. 23 years old
K. 3 like me!

9. How much do you think daddy weighs? How tall?
E. I don't know maybe 90lbs and 6 feet tall.
S. 70lbs and 6 feet tall.
K. 45lbs and I don't know, smaller than me.

10.What color is dad's hair and eyes?
E. Black and Brown
S. Black and brown
K.Black and Black

11. What do you and daddy do together? 
E. Play sports and Wii.
S. Play legos and play outside mostly.
K. We like to eat pizza. 

12. Where's daddy's favorite place to go?
E. Restaurants
S. Dunkin Donuts and Donuts to Go probably.
K. Chick fil a and stores. 

13. How are you and daddy the same?
E. We both have black hair and brown eyes.  We both like sports and Wii and going to restaurants.
S. We both like legos, we like to get up early in the morning, we both like spaghetti
K. He's a boy like me!

14.How are you and daddy different?
E. He takes more naps than me. He goes to work and I go to school. He's old and I'm young and he has more money than me.  
S. Our hair is different and dad doesn't like to go to the pool but I do.
K. My toes are different. 

15. What is daddy really good at? 
E. Playing Mario and Mario Cart. Sports and building legos. 
S. Soccer.  And probably football but I dont know because we've never played football.
K. Cleaning the house and sleeping.

16. How does daddy make you laugh? 
E. By tickling me.  
S. By tickling me. 
K. By letting me play with toys at the store. 

17. Who does Dad love?
E. Our whole family.
S. Me! 
K. Mom!

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