Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cute Outfit, Uhhh, Baby, You Have There

I am a total dork for Isla's girly clothes! I love each and every outfit and therefore I'm attempting to take pictures of her in all of them.

 Yup, DORK!  After 7+ years of blue, I think I've earned the right to be a dork about it though.  Maybe not.  Whatever.  Moving on.. 

I've noticed that her newborn onsies are getting a little snug which sent me into a minor panic because I still needed to get a good picture of her in the strawberry outfit so guess what we did last night...  

You know how some people have newborns that sleep just about anytime and anywhere (think Ann Geddes babies) well, I've never had a newborn like that.  

In fact one of the most frequent comments I get about my babies is, "Look how alert he/she is!"   

"Alert" newborns don't always make the most photogenic faces though and their jerky hand movements mess up the best of pictures.  Exhibit A: Karate Baby.  

 "Hi yaaaa!"  
Sweetheart you're supposed to be channeling Giselle not Jackie Chan.


And here you have the classic cross eyed pose, her tongue sticking out is an added bonus!  

 All this culminates in what I refer to as "the scream" (I like to keep my references obvious).  

Thank goodness for cute, helpful, big brothers, who save the day by helping mommy document their sister's wardrobe and her silly faces too.