Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Confession Time

-I like tropical storms.  The overcast days are a nice reprieve from the oppressive summer sun and it reminds me of growing up in Michigan.  I'm sad to see TS Debby go but glad that our backyard will be drying out.

-This morning I considered calling Jed, who is across town at work, to ask him to turn down the A/C using his iphone, just so I wouldn't have to climb the stairs to the thermostat.

-Oh yeah, I'm married to a technology geek who bought a thermostat he can control with his iphone.

-I tried to refill my coffee at the fridge water dispenser.

-Lately I've been found napping on the couch, while my kids are watching cartoons and Isla is chilling in her swing, about an hour after I get up in the morning.  It's kind of pathetic that by 8:30/9:00 I'm so exhausted that I have to catch at least one He-Man's worth of shut eye but thats life with a newborn. Especially when said newborn went from getting up only once at night (since birth) to at least 3 times in recent days.

-I took all five kids to Old Navy to buy myself some much needed summer clothes. Not only that but I forgot the sling. Isla's car seat took up the entire cart therefore Ford had to "walk" through the store.  Well, I can tell you that there is not a cute enough outfit in existence and certainly nothing at Old Navy that is worth what I went through... let just leave it at that.  And yes I am questioning my sanity after this one.

-I've allowed all three big boys to abandon their beds for the summer.  Currently they have their pillows and blankets lined up on the floor in one bedroom, camp out style, right next to one of their beds which of course none of them want to sleep on.  Why do they choose the floor over comfy mattresses?  I have no idea but hey, what are summers for, if not to pretend camp!

I know there are plenty more confession worthy things I've done lately but this is all I could come up with right now.  It's late and I should go to bed.

Good night.

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