Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The other night while watching a movie Isla woke up from one of her many naps to be fed.  Once she was done, as usual, each one of the older boys hopped up, on the couch, asking to hold her.  Kane was first, followed by Seth and finally Evan. 

Ford likes to coo and kiss his sister but tends to decline holding her.  However this night after I took Isla back from Evan he didn't even wait for Evan to get up, he plopped onto Evan's lap and stared at me expectantly.  

He's kind of turning into a ham these days so I thought he was waiting for me to laugh at him for sitting on Evan.  While I smiled at him like an idiot, he gave me an impatient look and then started jabbing his chubby little finger at his sister.  "Oh you want to hold her?!" I said.  He gave me a giant smile and nodded his head.  

 Is there anything cuter?  I suppose Isla could not be crying but that's kind of pushing it.
 Someone's smitten!  

  This morning he begged to hold her again.  I don't know whats gotten into him!  

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