Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Isla at 14 Months

She took her first steps a few days before her first birthday but it took over a month for her to really start walking around the house.  

She's still not a fan of water.  Bath time does not calm her down she doesn't want to cool off in the pool on a hot summer day and she'd rather play in the sand than surf.  

Her first tooth came in on June 26th, at 13 months old, taking the longest of our children to get teeth! Her second tooth is trying to come through but her gums are fighting back!  Maybe this is normal for other people but I've never seen anything like it, she has a large bump where her tooth has risen but it's still completely covered by gum, the same thing happened with the last one.

The girl loves to play with books, turning pages, looking at pictures and even babbling while looking at the books, which I think is her mimicking me when I read out loud. This is so different from her brothers who only ever wanted to chew on and rip books apart.  

She hates her car seat.  This translated into her screaming almost the entire way to North Carolina (very reminiscent of last years trip) and part of the way back.  

She just started giving fives, her brothers are thrilled! 

She's a picky eater and drinker and her preferences seem to change daily.  So one day she apple sauce is her go to staple and the next she's gagging on it. She absolutely will not drink plain milk, it has to be flavored but she loves plain old water!  

8pm is bed time.  Shame on you if you keep her up any later.  She. Will. Make. You. Pay.  

She's still below the 5th percentile for weight.  17.6 lbs. 

She cries easily and often. The word "no" is all it takes.  She also screams, ear piercing screams to let you know she wants something or is unhappy.  

She is the only one of our children to become attached to a stuffed animal, her pink monkey.  She goes to sleep playing with its ear and sucking her thumb, just like her daddy did when he was a baby! 

She still loves dancing and has added some singing to repertoire.  I hope to one day get these on video but she's onto my iphone recording capabilities.   

She prefers dolls to cars/trucks but will play with both when given the opportunity! 

We're so thankful for this sweet baby girl! 

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