Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vacation pt. 2

Morning coffee! 

Then a hike at Whiteside Mountain. 
The trails were mostly rock on the way up! 

Which the boys loved.  They found countless, "golden rocks" (shiny) to pick up and add to their collections.  

The first viewing area at the top. 

This was my favorite lookout, it seemed the safest. 

I even let the girl wander around. 

 Her first mountain hike! 

Some how the steel ropes here, were not as reassuring!  

They didn't seem to worry Ford though. 

The cliff's edge. 

A quick water break, it still melts my heart when I see my boys willingly taking care of their little sister. 

Half way point! 

My hiking view. 

Who's more exhausted here?! 

Back down the mountain we go! 

This was definitely one of my favorite hikes.  I hope to do it again when the kids are older!  

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