Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Baby Corn

Our kids love corn on the cob!  

Some of my more dramatic children felt the need to act this love out for Jed and me, turning their corn into swaddled babies that they snuggled and cared for.  Other children jumped on the bandwagon and this is what I ended up with...

Things quickly spiraled into a strange and unexpected attachment to the vegetables and "Corn is so delicious!" turned into, "You can't cook my corn, its my baby, I. LOVE. IT!"  
It got weird. 

Evan wasn't as emotionally invested but stood with his brothers.  

Just because I didn't get a picture of him, don't think that Kane wasn't fully involved in these shenanigans, he was one of the ring leaders.  I think he was hiding his corn from me at this point.  

Anyway, I convinced them to put their corn down to "rest" and I put it in the fridge.  You know what they say, "out of sight, out of mind", a couple days later they happily ate their corn babies for dinner. 

During our meal, I considered shouting, "What kind of corn fathers are you?" But I was pretty sure Ford would cry.  

We're freaks. 

The End. 

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