Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Black Eye

On Father's Day we went to a park to play and take pictures.  With in minutes of arriving, while I was getting my camera out of the, Kane managed to give himself an epic black eye.  

He climbed the stairs to the top of a slide, slipped and caught himself with his eye.  

So this is within minutes afterwards. He was a mess for a few minutes but pulled it together pretty quickly but not before doing this... 

Itchy nose!  Made me laugh so I had to share! 

Grimace for the camera boys! :) 

A few hours after we got home. He's quite proud of it! 

This wasn't Kane's first black eye rodeo! Check him out at 2!  He put a plastic kiddie chair on our futon,  proceeded to bounce on it, falling and whacking his eye on one of the posts. 
Look at that cute little baby Kane! I miss those chubby cheeks! 

Day two.  Not completely swollen shut! Yay! 

Day 3! A black eye is going to slow him down from paper sliding! 

A week later on our way to North Carolina! The swelling is all but gone and it's starting to turn green! 

He has examines his eye daily, yesterday while doing so, he yelled out, "MY BLACK EYE IS GONE!  WHO WANTS TO PUNCH ME SO I CAN HAVE ANOTHER ONE?!" 

This kid is the reason I have gray hair.  

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