Friday, July 12, 2013

Vacation pt. 4: Time Spent in the Backyard!

Most mornings we spent running around but the afternoons were for naps and the backyard! 

We caught, 

Crayfish (or crawfish) 

And trout! 

The boys walked across fallen trees and

balanced on small rocks. 

They used water bottles as makeshift boats to race. 

The big boys pretended to be penguins at the bottom of the falls. 

The boys found that the rocks made a great slide! 


Ford was a little wary at first of climbing the big rocks, thus spending most of his time in the pools. 

But with a little coaxing from mom and moral support from his brother he eventually began adventuring past the water at the bottom! 

I got this mom! 

Kane wanted me to document his rock jumping skills.  

Surrounded by water! 

While the little guys napped I read to the big boys on a boulder. 

I think this is how the Chronicles of Narnia were meant to be read! 

Testing the waters. 

Our final night we ate dinner out on the rocks, next to the falls.  We could not have asked for a better location! 

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