Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Vacation pt.1

At the last minute our summer plans to go to Michigan fell through.  We were left scrambling to come up with something else.  It wasn't hard to pick a place, we are in love with the mountains of NC!  It was hard to find cabin in our budget, last minute, though.

We would find a great place, fall in love, then find out that it was booked or didn't allow kids.  

We were debating about whether we should go out of our price range or give up a lot of the amenities we were hoping for.  

We went with the latter first, giving up a view of the mountains and found this, 
The waterfall house! 

I never would have known a place like this existed if we hadn't been forced to hunt for it!  

So skip ahead to the week before our big family vay-cay and Jed starts to feel under the weather.  He fought it for a couple days but two days before we were supposed to leave he was laying in bed with a fever.  I assumed he had the flu and would get over it soon.  We got a call from the owners of the rental who told us that they were at the house working on a little renovation project and it didn't look like it would be done before we got there, would we mind coming a day later.  Everything seemed like it was falling apart but we agreed and hoped it would give Jed an extra day to get better. 

The day we were supposed to leave, Jed was still sick.  I finally made him (he doesn't like it when I start playing nurse) let me check his throat.  I was positive he had Strep and insisted he head to Centra Care, I think he was too delirious from the fever to put up a fight.  They confirmed he had Strep and got him on antibiotics right away.  

The meds did their job and he was feeling a bit better that night. By the next morning he felt good enough to drive.  We left before the sun came up and made it to NC in great time!  

When we arrived at the house we found the owners still there and still mid project.  They said they'd start wrapping it up so we gave them some space and went into town to grocery shop and explore.  Several hours later we headed back, and they still weren't finished and hadn't started cleaning up.  Awkward.  

We couldn't stand to be in the car any longer so we made our way into the house.  We chatted with the owners while they worked/packed.  Their oldest son gave us a tour of the property.  5pm rolled by, 6, 7, and 8, finally at 8:36pm their car finally pulled out of the driveway. 

It was a rocky start to our vacation but we were pretty sure it was going to get better! I mean how could it not, 

We had a creek to play in! 

A waterfall/rock slide to play on! 

And although we didn't have the typical mountain view, this was still pretty awesome! 


Josie said...

Gorgeous!!! Please tell me where this is! So pretty! I think the waterfall house might make some of the delays worth it. You and your boys will have so much fun in the creek!

Laine said...

We stayed in a house right outside of Cashiers NC. I can't find the link to the house right now, but if you google, North Carolina Waterfall house, a few come up! It's an amazing area!!