Tuesday, July 16, 2013


One of the highlights of this summer has been attending our city's summer, college, baseball league games!  

Admission is inexpensive and they usually have games 2-3 times a week, so Jed's been taking the boys about once a week!  

I've only attended 2 games, for two reason, first being this,
second being, after so long watching any sport, I start to feel the way Isla looks in the above photo...  I'm usually able to control myself a little better, thankfully! 

Our boys love it though!  Evan is a HUGE sports fan. If his brothers didn't bother him, he'd sit quietly through every game. 

Seth likes the games but he's also into the whole atmosphere, people, cheering and of course food! 

These two are in it for the popcorn, soda and free souvinours that are tossed out.

Baseball spoils!    

They're even learning how to share! 

Maybe next year we'll go to more games, or maybe we'll let the boys go and we'll find girly things to do! 

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