Thursday, December 1, 2011

A New Home

With how unstable the real estate world is these days we've waited to announce that, we're moving!

The last time we tried to buy a house, 2 years ago, our lender backed out 2 days before closing because of something in the inspection therefore the apprehension in talking about it.

Anyway, around the time we found out that I was pregnant, we started house hunting.  Seven people in a 3 bedroom (tiny rooms at that) house is not ideal... doable, yes, sanity preserving, not so much.

The whole thing has been a roller coaster ride, first in finding a house that met our criteria, in our price range, then finding one that didn't already have multiple, above asking price, offers on it, having our offer accepted (we were rejected on the first house we put an offer on) and finally dealing with the real estate company that owned the house and the lenders.

The house we chose is a 4 bedroom, that's much closer to the boys school, with a good size yard!  We don't have a pool anymore but there is a community pool in our neighborhood and Jed's more than happy to turn over his pool boy duties to someone else!

 We closed on it this week!  Well, at least, we did our part in closing, we're still waiting on the owners to do their part.  They have been anything but prompt and professional in the whole ordeal, among other things, we only finally had a fully signed contract a little over a week before the agreed upon closing date.

However as long as nothing goes wrong on their part, and we don't have any reason to believe it will at this point, we will begin to move in tomorrow!  We're super excited!  I'm heading over there this afternoon to clean, if I have time I'll take pictures.


Katie said...

Wow, congrats on the new house! I'm glad you'll be getting some more space for your growing fam!

Can't wait to see pics!


Chaeli said...

Congrats Laine!! What a FUN time! Did you have to sell your current house, too?