Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Preschooler and Public Restroom Etiquette

Kane and I had to use the bathroom while at Lowes.  I put him on the potty and walked out of the stall to wait for him as a woman walked in.

Kane: (Afraid I was going to leave him, said in his most concerned voice.) "Mom, you can just wait for me right there at the sinks." 

Woman: "Bahaha!" (Laughing at Kane bossing me around, as she searches all the stalls for one with toilet paper.)

Me: "Ok Kane, go potty now."

Woman: "Ugh, finally one with paper!" (Walking into the stall next to Kane)

Kane: "Mom I can see those feet next to me."

Woman: (chuckling)

Me: "Hurry up and go potty sweetie."  

Kane: "Hi over there!  Whatcha doing?!" 

Woman: "Going potty, like you." (laughing)

Kane: "OH, ok!  Mom, I'm done!"

Me: "Thank goodness."  

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