Friday, December 23, 2011


For Evan's birthday we surprised him with a new (to us) bike and a trip for him and Seth to the zoo to do the zip line course!   At first I told the boys we were just going to the zoo but when we got there I made the big announcement.  

Kane and I followed them on the ground through the course, encouraging them when they were scared or became tangled in their harnesses.  It was awesome to watch them make their way through getting better and faster.  Seth's height put him at a slight disadvantage (something I can relate to), he had to reach on his tiptoes to clip on and off of the safety line at the beginning and end of each obstacle, it slowed him down drastically but he was a trooper!  Evan on the other hand flew through the course.

At one point Kane had to pee which was a small problem as I was not allowed to leave the other two alone nor could I get them down off the course for a bathroom break.  I tried to convince him to hold it but he's three so we eventually found a somewhat secluded area with lots of bushes and he went potty.  Ya gotta do, what ya gotta do!  

We followed that up with dinner at Five Guys, he changed his mind about his crab dinner after I explained that that meant we wouldn't be going out to a restaurant.  He quickly chose his favorite burger joint instead.   Last but not least we enjoyed our traditional doughnut cake.  

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