Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Wish We Had Elves

Unpacking is going SLOW!  This weekend we finally unpacked enough to make our house functional!  Quite the feat!  We still own our old house and need to get it ready to rent which takes the focus away from getting things set up here. Poor Jed has a laundry list a mile long of handyman projects to do both here and there!  I'm so thankful for such a capable and hard working husband, he's awesome!  

So forget Christmas elves I need some moving/unpacking/project doing/organizational, elves!  Instead I have these guys,

 "Mom, let me help you unpack!"

"I know the perfect place for this spice packet!"


Maybe Ford will be more helpful? 

"Who me? I was actually looking for something to make a mess with but, I guess, I could help."

"I know the perfect place for this package of shredded coconut."

 "Oh yeah, on my head!" 

 And its all fun and game until you get a chip clip stuck in your fro.  

Not exactly elves but entertaining none the less. 

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